Industrial and Labor Relations, B.S.

Degree Type
Bachelor of Science

The Bachelor of Science Degree in Industrial and Labor Relations requires a more intensive series of core courses than its Bachelor of Arts counterpart. Through the vantage point of worker/employer relations, the program explores the history, contributions, and problems of working people and their institutions in contemporary society, as well as the theory and practice of various management methods and models, from scientific management to modern human resource management.

Foundation courses introduce students to the analytical tools of political science and economics that are useful in the specialized study of labor-management issues. Core courses emphasize current labor-management and labor-government issues, including collective bargaining, grievance procedures, arbitration, labor and employment law, public policy, and labor economics. Electives allow students the opportunity to further explore labor-management issues from the perspectives of management, unions, history, economics, sociology, politics, law, and public health.


Careers and Graduate Education

Students are well prepared for careers in ILR, human resource management, business, unions, advocacy, and government agencies (e.g., Department of Labor). Students also pursue graduate studies in law, ILR, management, public administration, and similar fields. Our graduates currently are in leadership and high staff positions in HR departments, labor unions, and government agencies.





A. Liberal Education Curriculum

Refer to the Liberal Education Curriculum Bulletin for specific requirements.

B. ILR Courses- (56 credits or 14 courses)

(Students may take a maximum of 20 credits in BU-designated courses.)


Foundation Courses (16 credits or 4 courses required)
C = Compulsory


  • PE2420 Principles of Microeconomics
  • PE2430 Principles of Macroeconomics
  • PE2650 Introduction to U.S. Politics
  • PE3410 Contemporary Political Economy
  • MA2000 Statistics (C)

Core Courses (28 credits or 7 courses required)
C = Compulsory


  • IR2210 Unions and Management: An Introduction (C)
  • IR3120 History of American Labor Relations
  • IR3140 Unions and Public Policy (C)
  • IR3260 Comparative labor Relations
  • IR3300 Collective Bargaining and Grievance Procedures (C)
  • IR3330 Women, Minorities and the Workplace
  • IR3415 Labor Economics
  • IR3500 Arbitration and Mediation
  • IR4320 Labor and Employment Law (C)


Electives (12 credits or 3 courses required)
May include Core Courses.


  • BU4110 Organizational Behavior and Management
  • BU5125 Management and Society
  • BU5171 Human Resource Management
  • IR3860 Development of the Modern Corporation
  • IR4600 Topics in Labor Studies
  • IR5900 Senior Project/Internship in Industrial and Labor Relations
  • PE4430 Health Economics
  • PH4770 Occupational Health