General Business Minor

Degree Type

All students find themselves working in or interfacing with profit and not-for-profit organizations throughout their lives. It is important for students to understand the basics of how such organizations function in order to better navigate both their careers and daily living. This minor provides students with an understanding of the fundamentals of business.

A minor in General Business provides students with a basic understanding of the four functions of management, the principles of marketing, basic accounting, financial standards, and the role of business in society. It provides business skills that will help students in any major in their careers as well as provide a foundation to go on to advanced studies. 



    All students are required to complete five (5) courses with a minimum of 18 credits. Four (4) of the five (5) courses are required and the fifth can be chosen from a selection of four (4) courses which represent the various business disciplines. 

    A. Required Courses: four courses:

    • BU3010 Information Systems for Managers

    • BU3502 Principles of Accounting I

    • BU3800 Principles of Marketing

    • BU4110 Organizational Behavior & Management 

    B. Elective Course: one of the following:

    • BU4035 Web Systems and Electronic Commerce

    • BU5125 Business Ethics

    • BU4851 Consumer Behavior