Economics Minor

Degree Type

The economics minor is intended to familiarize students with the economic aspects of society, to develop their ability to use economic theory and techniques to analyze contemporary social issues, and exercise judgment in evaluating public policy. Students interested in further study or careers in business (management or finance), international relations, law as well as public policy areas such as environmental policy, public health, urban studies or civil service will benefit from this minor’s more in-depth training in the tools of economists.





The minor requires a minimum of five courses or 20 credits. A minimum of 16 credits must be courses that do not count towards the student’s major. For example, a PEL or business major will have to take a minimum of 4 courses that are not being used as part of their major requirements. Up to two courses in the minor may be transferred from another institution. Completion of a minor requires a 2.0 cumulative grade point average in courses applied to the minor. No D grades may be applied towards the minor.

Suggested Prerequisite:

  • MA2000 Applied Statistics 4 cr.

Core Courses (3 Courses)

A. Required Courses: (12 Credits)
  • PE2420 Microeconomics 4 cr.
  • PE 2430 Macroeconomics 4 cr.

and either 

  • PE2325 Economic Analysis-Micro
  • or PE3425 Economic Analysis-Macro 4 cr.
B. Elective Courses: Pick two of the following (8credits)
  • PE3410 U.S. Political Economy* 4 cr.

  • IR3415 Labor Economics 4 cr.

  • PE3425 Economic Analysis-Micro 4 cr.

  • PE3435 Economic Analysis-Macro 4 cr.

  • PE3440 International Economics 4 cr.

  • PE4275 Applied Econometrics 4 cr.

  • PE4290 Environmental Economics 4 cr.

  • PE4409 Urban Economics 4 cr.

  • PE4430 Health Economics 4 cr.

  • PE4440 Food and Wine Economics 4 cr.

  • PE4455 Economics Development 4 cr.

  • PE4460 International Finance 4 cr.

  • PE4470 History of Economic Thought 4 cr.

  • PE4580 Origins of Capitalist Development** 4 cr.

  • PE4590 Global Economy of 20th C** 4 cr.

  • PE4600 Depression Economics 4 cr.

  • PE4650 Topics in Economics 4 cr.

*PEL majors cannot use this course in the Economics Minor

**PEL majors can only use one of these in the Economics Minor and must use the other as part of their PEL major