Childhood Education with Bilingual Extension (1-6), B.S.

Degree Type
Bachelor of Science

In addition to the admission requirements for the School of Education, students in the Bilingual Education Extension Program must demonstrate proficiency in oral and written Spanish by taking the OPIc and WPT exams.


A. General Education

All students must fulfill the College’s Liberal Education Curriculum requirements as stated in the Liberal Education Curriculum Bulletin. In addition, all Childhood and Exceptional Education majors must complete:

  • An upper division literature course in English to satisfy the “Humanities” requirement

  • Two natural science courses with lab

  • Two mathematics courses, one of which must satisfy the College’s mathematics proficiency requirement

  • Two semesters of the same foreign language (American Sign Language is acceptable)

B. A 32 credit concentration in a liberal arts or science discipline.

Students may transfer a maximum of four of these courses from other institutions. The disciplinary concentrations are described here.

C. 50 credits in required Education courses:

  • ED3700 Child Development
  • ED3820 Foundations of Special Education
  • ED3900 Foundations of Education
  • ED4050 Innovative Instructional Design and Assessment
  • ED4121 Methods & Materials of Teaching Elementary Science
  • ED4122 Methods & Materials of Teaching Elementary Mathematics
  • ED4200 Literacy for All Students
  • ED4220B Language Arts in the Context of Bilingual Childhood Education
  • ED4250 Linguistics for Language Educators
  • ED4670 Methods & Materials of Teaching English as a Second Language
  • ED 5600 Spanish & Methods of Teaching in the Content Areas for Bilingual Teachers
  • ED5926 Current Topics in Bilingual Education

D. 12 credits in required field experiences:

  • ED5940B Student Teaching in a Bilingual Classroom & Seminar