African American Studies Minor

Degree Type

The minor in African American Studies critically engages students in the historical, cultural and political aspects of African American life in the United States, as well as examines the African American community in terms of Blacks in the Diaspora, and their origins in Africa-their historical homeland. The interdisciplinary minor exposes students to the literature, philosophy, culture, media, and history of African Americans in the United States and Africa. A primary purpose of this minor is to prepare students for graduate and professional careers in community service, education, government, law and private industry, as well as raise consciousness and broaden horizons about achievement and oppression.

The minor requires a total of five courses (20) credits, four of which must be taken outside the student's major courses. Two courses may be transferred from another college. Only three 2000 level courses or below are accepted toward the minor. No D grades will be counted toward the minor. A foundation course will provide students with the pivotal underpinnings in this multi-disciplinary area of study.
Additional courses may be taken from the following areas:

  1. History
  2. Culture/Social Institutions
  3. Literature


    The minor requires a total of five courses (20 credits) distributed as follows:

    A. Foundation Course (4 credits)

    • AS1282 Introduction to African-American Studies

    B. Elective Courses (16 credits) At least one from each area:

    1. History


    • AS2262 African American History I
    • AS2263 African American History II
    • AS3270 Africa in the Americas
    • AS3412 African American Women’s History
    • HI3640 African History
    • AS4218 Civil War and Reconstruction
    • HI4650 The History of African Enslavement
    2. Cultural/Social Institutions
    • AS3812 African Americans and the Mass Media
    • AS4435 Women for Color Feminisms
    • AS 5311 Aboli & Hip Hop Art
    • AS4715 African American Thought and Culture
    • HI3091 African Cultures
    • HI3610 America’s African Heritage
    • HI3704 African Philosophy and Religion
    • HI3907 African Film
    • PY4730 Psychology of Peoples of African Descent
    • SY3900 Social Movements
    3. Literature
    • EL3870 Literatures of Africa
    • EL4010 The Harlem Renaissance
    • EL4040 Black Women Writers
    • EL4070 Topics in African American Literature
    • EL4090 Afro-American Novel
    • EL4091 Afro-American Poetry and Plays
    • EL4405 Caribbean Literature