Elizabeth Morphis

Elizabeth Morphis
Coordinator, Literacy Education Graduate Program
Associate Professor
New Academic Building

Dr. Elizabeth Morphis is an Assistant Professor of Childhood Education and Literacy and the Coordinator of the Graduate Education Literacy Program. Since beginning at Old Westbury, she has taught undergraduate and graduate courses in literacy education, primarily for the elementary level. She has published articles and book chapters on preservice and inservice teacher education. Her work has centered on how new teachers learn to connect the literacy curriculum to children’s backgrounds and interests. Prior to joining the faculty at SUNY Old Westbury, Dr. Morphis taught at the elementary school level, taught the child actors on the 30th anniversary Broadway tour of Annie, and was a Content Specialist at Sesame Workshop.

Courses Taught

ED 3950: Creating Schools for a Just Society
ED 4200: Literacy for All Students
ED 4220: Language Arts for Childhood Education
ED 5940: Student Teaching Seminar
ED 7300: Foundations of Literacy and Language Acquisition (Graduate)
ED 7301: Literacy for Diverse Learners (Graduate)
ED 7303: Literacy Leadership: Research and Technology (Graduate)
ED 7304: Literacy Coaching: Improving Teaching & Instruction (Graduate)
ED 7320: Children’s Literature for Diverse Populations (Graduate)
ED 7321: Childhood Literacy Practices and Content Area Strategies (Graduate)
ED 7322: Writing in Childhood Education (Graduate)
ED 7323: Childhood Practicum in Literacy (Graduate)


Ed.D., Curriculum and Teaching with a Specialization in Literacy, Teachers College, Columbia University

Certifications & Licenses

New York State Certifications - Early Childhood (B-2), Childhood (1-6), Secondary French Education (7-12)

Research Interests

Preservice and Inservice Teacher Education; Writing Instruction in the Elementary Classroom; Connecting Children's Out-of-School Resources to the Literacy Curriculum



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Book Chapters:

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