SUNY Old Westbury launches inaugural micro-credentials

Green and white icon titled "Business Taxation"

In an age of specialized training and with the demand for ongoing professional development growing, SUNY Old Westbury has approved and now offers its first micro-credentials.

The three new programs include Business Taxation; Estate, Gift & Trust Taxation; and Foundational Counseling Skills.  The micro-credential programs are made up of a series of two to four related courses that result in no more than 16 credit hours, offering focused curricular content available via a shorter duration than traditional degree and advanced certificate programs. Upon completion of the courses​, the student earns a digital badge that can be shared online, via digital resumes and sites like LinkedIn. The badges are distributed through Acclaim by Credly, a New York-based digital credentialing company. 

“This is a new path for our College as we continually seek to expand the opportunities available for all students -- current undergrads, mid-career professionals and non-traditional students -- to accelerate their skills progression and move forward in the lives and careers they want for themselves," said College President Calvin O. Butts, III. 

Offered through the School of Business, the Micro-Credential in Business Taxation and the Micro-Credential in Estate, Gift & Trust Taxation involve graduate level coursework for individuals that are in or are aspiring to be in those fields. The micro-credentials are available to those with an undergraduate degree in accounting who want to expand their portfolio of skills. Individuals with an undergraduate degree in a discipline other than accounting may undertake either credential upon completion of specified prerequisites prior to beginning the micro-credential program.

The Micro-Credential in Foundational Counseling Skills is an undergraduate offering of the Psychology Department designed for students considering professions that require interviewing/intake skills or those seeking to pursue the licensed or certified counseling professions. This micro-credential is designed to help students obtain internships during their academic studies or counseling-related jobs during or after their undergraduate degree pursuit. The micro-credential is available to currently enrolled students as well as members of the larger Long Island community who have a desire to gain certified enhancement in their skills in this specific area.

Further details on the micro-credentials offered by SUNY Old Westbury are available at