Desk Attendant Program

The Desk Attendant program is currently in its 10th year and we are looking for new and returning students to actively participate in helping us manage residence hall security.  This program is designed to offer job opportunities to our students who might otherwise have classes during regular business hours as well as be involved in their hall communities.  The program works in conjunction with the Office of Student Conduct, University Police and the Office of Residential Life Professional and Para Professional Staff. 

This Desk Attendant (DA) Position is a para-professional student leadership position designed to incorporate current residents in initiating and maintain both hall community and building security. At any point, there can be approximately 800 residential students living on campus.  The Division of Student Affairs & the Office of Residential Life, actively work to create a safe and productive environment for our students.  However, this cannot be achieved without the assistance of our students. 

In particular, students with Work Study support from Financial Aid is given priority in consideration.  

The DA serves as front line support staff for the residence halls.  This position works in conjunction with Resident Hall Director (RHD), Resident Assistant (RA), University Police (UP) and other campus staff and officials.  The position is unique for a number of different reasons including but not limited to

  • having opportunity to qualify for work study position outside of traditional business hour
  • actively work with the Division of Student Affairs and the Office of Residential Life
  • gain both leadership and customer service skills
  • be trained to identify and appropriate address student conflict management
  • actively manage building safety and security

Their presence of DAs allows the college to provide additional levels of support for the guest policy as well providing information for non-college personnel about campus rules and regulations. The skills and leadership gained in the position have created very competitive applicants for other campus positions. The position requirements are as follows:

  • Serve as front line staff maintaining building security and access. 
  • Check IDs and ID stickers of each person entering the residence halls. Enforce and implement guest policy by signing in guests and distributing guest passes (when appropriate).
  • Contact RAs or appropriate Office of Residential Life Staff as needed. 
  • Serve as a Residence Hall receptionist;
    • answer telephones and take messages;
    • respond to telephone inquiries and in-person questions.
    • receive, sort and distribute notes.
    • Document incidents.
  • Maintain desk resources including desk binders, campus roster, and campus directory.

NOTE: This description is intensified to illustrate the different variety of tasks and levels of work difficulty that is required of the position and does not necessarily include all related specific duties and related responsibilities of the position. It does not limit the assignment of related duties not mentioned.



  1. All Desk Attendants need to be enrolled SUNY at Old Westbury students.
  2. The position will require your availability from 10pm to 2am (nights) and until 3am (Thurs night only). Hours may be subject to change
  3. The position requires that you be available and attend all appropriate staff meetings and necessary training sessions
  4. This position requires students to be in good judicial standing
  5. International Students should have clearance from Becky Evans
  6. Preferred consideration will be given to those who qualify for Work Study status and/ or have previously been employed in the position. 

PLEASE NOTE: All applicants will be screened (academically, judicially, etc).  Work Study Students (with approval from Financial Aid) are given priority consideration.  All hiring decisions are made by the Woodlands Hall Directors (1-5) and applications will be accepted until schedules are filled. Failure to meet any of the minimum expectations of the position will result in immediate termination.

2021-22 Desk Attendant (DA) Application 



Item  Due Date
Applications Due:  Monday, Sept 6th at 4pm
Email Invites for Interviews Go Out: Tues, Sept 7th by 5pm
Individual Interviews:  Wed, Sept 8th and Thurs, Sept 9th 
Decision Letters Go Out:  Fri, Sept 10th
Decision Letters Due: Monday, Sept. 13th  
Mandatory DA Training: Friday, Sept. 17th 

If you have any questions about interview process, please feel free to contact the Residential Life Office! 

  • Students CANNOT begin their positions until their paperwork has cleared with Division of Student Affairs, Financial Aid, Human Resources and Business & Finance 
  • Students who begin working prior to being clear with the above office will be donating their time and will not be compensated.