Office of Student Conduct

Of course, we look forward to your stay at SUNY Old Westbury, but there are community standards by which all students must abide...

From student records to security, drug and alcohol policies to emergency procedures, the policies of the University are in place to make your four years at SUNY Old Westbury safe and satisfying. Our expectations about student behavior are described in the Code of Student Conduct.

Read the Code for Student Conduct

The Office of Student Conduct is responsible for upholding the Code for Student Conduct and educating students about its contents. We provide educational opportunities that foster student learning, personal integrity, and ethical development by holding students accountable for behavior that is not consistent with the college’s expectations.

Our goal is to promote the development of positive decision-making skills that impact students' lives and prepare them to enter a global society while promoting healthy and safe lifestyles.

services provided
  • Develop and update code of student conduct
  • Train standing disciplinary board members
  • Support and educate victims
  • Student advocacy & helping students understand their rights and policies on campus
  • Provide training and educational opportunities to students (areas including conflict management, Title IX, academic dishonesty, peer mediation, etc.)
    student conduct system

    Under the direction of the Dean of Students, the Campus Student Conduct Officer or designee deals with alleged instances of student misconduct in order to determine how best to resolve these allegations consistent with the goals and mission of the College as an educational and intellectual community. It is the purpose of the student conduct system to further the educational mission of our University by resolving alleged violations of the Code for Student Conduct and other applicable policies regarding student behavior. The processes by which complaints about alleged student misconduct can be resolved are outlined in the Code for Student Conduct. 

    The student conduct system is is not meant to replace or substitute for the criminal justice system or other legal avenues. However, the student conduct process provides an important additional forum to respond to the interests of the Old Westbury community. Our processes are designed to educate and, where appropriate, hold accountable and sanction those students who violate our policies. (See our Sanction Guide) We seek both to promote a student's sense of responsibility by enforcing accountability, and to protect our community by, where necessary, removing or restricting those who may pose a threat to others. Our intention is to emphasize the peaceful and productive handling of conflict when possible and where appropriate.

    requesting records

    If you would like to request your Student Conduct records for an academic or professional process, please complete the following form: Release of Student Conduct Information Request

    staff training

    SUNY Old Westbury is a proud partner with the SUNY Student Conduct Institute, who provides high quality training for Title IX Coordinator(s), Investigator(s), decision-makers and all Student Conduct staff. For the purposes of compliance with the Title IX Final Rules, please visit our Training Requirements page for more information.