Math Learning Center

Staffed by professional and peer tutors, the Math Learning Center (MLC) provides free tutoring and support services for students enrolled in mathematics  courses at SUNY Old Westbury. The MLC also houses a library of textbooks for use in the Math Learning Center.

Spring 2021 Distance Tutoring

The Math Learning Center will be open in the fall semester for distance tutoring through MS Teams.

MS Teams is a communication platform that allows you to chat, video meetings, and make phone calls to students, staff and faculty members of SUNY Old Westbury. Below are instructions on how to download MS Teams to your desktop and smartphone. 

During the Fall and Spring Semester, the Math Learning Center hours are:

  • Monday:  9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
  • Tuesday:  9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
  • Wednesday:  9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
  • Thursday:  9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

The Center is closed during the summer and winter sessions.

Instructions for MS Teams
Desktop:  To download MS teams to your desktop, go to Then, log-in using your Old Westbury username and password. Once you’re in the office portal, click on the Team’s icon. To learn more on how to maneuver through MS Teams using your desktop, click the link.
Smartphone:  To download MS Teams to your iOS or android, go to your app store and search MS Teams. Click and download the app. Open app and log-in with your Old Westbury username and password. For more information on how to navigate through MS Teams using your smartphone, please click link.


Meryl Altabet
Director, Math Learning Center
Building: Campus Center, Room Library
Phone: (516) 628-5622
E-mail: AltabetM [at]

MLC Services

  • Tutoring: The Math Learning Center provides tutoring in all math courses except MA1010/1020/2050, and in elementary statistics courses offered by other departments.  Help is available on a drop in basis.  No appointment is necessary.
  • Textbooks and Answers:  Answer books and textbooks for many math courses may be borrowed for use in the Center.  A current Old Westbury ID is required.  However, if you have the text, it is recommended that you bring it with you for reference when you come to the center.
  • Software:  Students may get help completing their computer based assignments on Mymathlab, MathXL, Webwork and other software utilized in their math courses.
  • Math Placement and Proficiency Exam: An online placement exam and a proctored proficiency exam are offered.  See details below.

Math Placement Test 

The Math Department offers an online test that may be used for placement only. Students take the test at home and use it for placement into a higher level math course. However, students still needing math proficiency will not satisfy the proficiency requirement until they take and pass another math course or pass the Math Proficiency Exam. In order to take the Math Placement Test students must first purchase access for the test at:

After going to the site above, use the following access code to purchase access: ACSU-2020-SOWB

When you register, be sure to enter your first and last name, use your Old Westbury ID for the student ID (beginning with 700), and use your Old Westbury email address. 

After purchasing access students should go to the following site to log in:

Then click the link on the left that says Enroll in a Class. Check the box next to Math Placement Test Spring 2021 and click Enroll

In Math Placement Test Spring 2021, there are three tests: 

1. OW College Algebra Readiness Test: This test is on Introductory Algebra. (MA1010-Powertrack) Students passing the test may register for College Algebra. If they wish to be placed at a higher level, they may go on to the Precalculus Readiness Test.  

2. OW Precalculus Readiness Test: This test is on College Algebra. (MA1020) Students passing the test may take MA2080 –Precalculus for Business, or MA2090-Precalculus. If they wish to be placed at a higher level, they may go on to the Calculus Readiness Test.  

3. OW Calculus Readiness Test:-This test is on Precalculus. Students passing this test may take a proctored exam in Precalculus to order to be placed into MA2300-Calculus for Business, or MA2310 Calculus.  

Proctored Precalculus Placement Test Information: If you have passed all three parts of the online placement test, and are ready to take the proctored precalculus test, email altabetm [at] to schedule an appointment. The email must come from your Old Westbury email account, and include your student ID number and phone number. 

Students should plan to complete the placement exam at least three days before planning to register. Registration will not be possible until scores are manually entered into the college online registration system. If you have any questions you can email altabetm [at]

Math Proficiency Exam 

The Math Department offers a proctored Proficiency Exam once each semester.  This exam will place students into MA2080 or MA2090 and satisfy the College’s Math Proficiency Requirement.  The next exam is scheduled for Friday, March 19, 2021.  To register for the Math Proficiency Exam, contact altabetm [at]