Non-Degree Admissions

All students who wish to take undergraduate courses but are not planning to earn an Old Westbury degree are classified as non-degree special students. All Non-degree students must file the appropriate application for admission and submit the appropriate credentials. It should be noted that Non-Degree applicant are accepted on a space available basis and are allowed to register after degree seeking students have been given the opportunity to register. 

Non-Degree applicants for Fall or Spring semesters

The Application for Non-Matriculated Admission must be completely filled out and submitted to the Office of Enrollment Services along with all required documentation prior to the first day of classes. Applications must have all required documents attached to the application. All Non-Degree applicants registering for a course with pre-requisites must be able to show that they have met the pre-requisites in order to register for the class. Applicants must be in good academic standing from the most recent institution.

Download the Application for Non-Matriculated Admission. Applications must have all documents attached for admission consideration (student copies are acceptable).

Registration for Non-Matriculated Students: “Life Long Learners” and “Non-Degree”

  • January 13, 2020 - January 17, 2020 for Spring 2020 registration
  • August 24, 2020 – August 28, 2020 for Fall 2020 registration

Registration, add/drop on the WEB (

Students MAY view accounts at BILL PAYMENT IS DUE THE DAY OF REGISTRATION. Credit card payments must be made ONline AT SEE INSTRUCTIONS lower on this page. 

THE FINANCIAL CANCELLATION PROGRAM COMPARES TOTAL BILLING HOURS TO TOTAL PAYMENTS: adding a course, for which payment is not made will result in THE cancellation of all courses. 

Non-Degree applicants for Winter or Summer sessions

Non-Degree applicants registering only for a Summer or Winter session course may use the online Summer/Winter/QuickAdmit Non-Degree Application. Summer/Winter Non-Degree applicants do not need to submit additional documentation and do not need to show proof of having fulfilled course pre-requisites.

Note: Students admitted under the undergraduate non-degree classification may not change their status to degree-seeking without submitting an application and satisfying regular admissions requirements.

Auditing courses

Old Westbury Alumni Program and “Over Sixty” Program - Students that have graduated from SUNY Old Westbury and adults over the age of sixty, may audit (observe) courses without paying tuition. (fees may apply for specific course). Applicants planning to audit a class must fill out the Audit Application and obtain permission from the instructor prior on the first day of classes. Contact Enrollment Services 516.876.3200 to obtain the Audit Application.