Withdrawal from Classes

After the end of the add/drop period and up to the seventh week of classes, a student may withdraw from one or more courses by filing an official withdrawal form in the Office of the Registrar.  The Registrar will then record a W on the student’s transcript. 

Please Note: Nonattendance in classes does not constitute withdrawal.

Use either of the forms below to withdraw from a class:

In extraordinary circumstances, the Registrar will record a W on a student’s transcript after the seventh week of the semester, but prior to two weeks before the final day of classes, if the instructor has approved the withdrawal and the student has filed the necessary form with the Registrar. 

Any student who has not withdrawn officially from a course will remain on the final grade roster and will be assigned a final grade of F from the instructor or NC if the student has filed the appropriate CR/NC contract.  Withdrawals may affect a student’s subsequent eligibility for financial aid awards.