Visual Arts, B.A.

To earn the B.A. in Visual Arts, students must complete the Liberal Education requirements and 48 credits in required Visual Arts courses.

The department organizes its courses of study in three levels:

  • The foundation level allows students to differentiate between authentic personal decisions and those dictated by social and cultural conditions.
  • A tutorial level allows students to focus on creative problems connected with their personal decisions and to understand their relation to the decisions of others.
  • The final critical level enables students to develop a quality control for the formal solutions of the projects and to relate them to the contemporary art context.

Recognizing that not all students are interested in becoming professional artists, the program features two tracks. The difference is reflected in the type of internships required for each student and the preparation of a written thesis for those students in a peripheral situation in relation to art-making. For art practitioners, the Senior Project consists of an exhibit in the Amelie A. Wallace Gallery. For others, a thesis paper is required to fulfill senior project credit.