Sociology, B.A.

The B.A. in Sociology requires 90 liberal arts credits.  In addition to satisfying all College requirements for graduation, students wishing to receive a Bachelor's degree in Sociology must complete 10 courses.  Up to three of these (Intro Sociology and two electives) may be satisfied with transfer credit if the courses have been passed with a grade of C or better.  The course requirements fall into four categories:

The Sociology Major has five components.

  • Basic courses provide students who have no training in sociology with a general introduction to the discipline.
  • Foundation courses provide necessary grounding in sociological theory, analysis and methods.
  • Cross-cultural component courses which will enhance sociological analysis in a global perspective.
  • Elective courses chosen by majors allow students to delve more deeply in specific areas. (These courses are open to non-majors as well.)
  • The senior seminar capping course requires all majors to conduct an original primary research project and complete a senior thesis