Social Work Minor

Faculty Advisors:
Martha Livingston (Public Health)  
livingstonm [at]
B. Runi Mukherji (Psychology)
mukherjib [at]


Students minoring in Social Work are required to complete five courses (20 credits), distributed as follows:

A. Required Course (4 credits)

  • SY4260 Social Work: Theory and Practice

B. Human Behavior and Social Environment (4 credits)

  • CR3094 Drugs and Society
  • PH4450 Human Sexuality
  • PH4631 Mental Health
  • PH4650 Substance Use and Abuse
  • PY3215 Foundations of Child Development
  • PY3230 Adulthood and Aging
  • PY3310 Abnormal Human Behavior
  • PY3311 Theories of Personality
  • PY3330 Psychology of Addictions
  • PY3510 Social Psychology
  • PY3620 Drugs & Behavior
  • PY4320 Counseling Psychology
  • PY4330 Behavior Modification
  • PY4420 Adolescent Development
  • PY4450 Infants & Toddlers

C. Social and Cross-Cultural (4 credits)

  • CR2090 Juvenile Delinquency
  • CR4000 Gender, Crime and Justice
  • CR4099 Sociology of Violence
  • CR4999 Issues in Criminology: Family Violence
  • PY2340 Community Psychology
  • PY2530 Psychology of Prejudice
  • PY2720 Psychology of Gender
  • PY3020 Health Psychology
  • PY3520 Group Process
  • PY3560 Psychology of Violence in the U.S.
  • PY3740 Psychology of Latinos
  • PY3750 Psychology of Asian Americans
  • PY4520 Family Dynamics
  • PY4560 Psychological Traumatization
  • PY4720 Psychology of Women
  • PY4730 African American Family Dynamics
  • PY5770 Cross-Cultural Psychology
  • SY2550 Social Problems
  • SY2600 Social Deviance
  • SY3160 Sociology of Culture
  • SY3280 Social Inequality
  • SY3700 Family and Society
  • SY3800 Race and Ethnicity
  • SY4400 Social Psychology
  • SY4500 Global Sociology

D. Planning and Policy (4 credits)

  • CR3092 Victimology
  • CR4091 Punishment and Corrections
  • PH4750 Aging and Social Policy
  • PH4790 Health Policy
  • PY4230 The Psychobiology of Aging
  • PY5520 Families and Public Policy
  • SY3750 Medical Sociology
  • SY4600 Social Programs, Planning and Policy

E. Research and Internship (4 credits)

  • PH4900 Health and Society Field Placement
  • PY4130 Field Experience and Research
  • PY4131 Internship in Applied Psychology
  • SY4270 Internship in Social Work, Sociology and Criminology

Note: A minimum of 16 credits must be taken outside the student’s major. No more than one course may be transferred from another institution.