Management Information Systems, B.S.

The MIS degree program prepares students as technical managers who can rise to serve in various capacities in an business, government, not-for-profit or other enterprise, beginning their careers in positions such as System Analysts.

The goal of the MIS program is to give students both a firm grounding in information processing as well as in business fundamentals. Therefore, MIS majors take a broad range of required courses both in CIS and business. Since information systems in a networked environment are the mainstay of businesses for operational efficiency as well as management decision support, the MIS curriculum includes courses in database management, interactive multimedia design, computer networking, system design & implementation, and technical communications.

MIS students also take an MIS topics course which introduces the practical aspects of building industrial-strength MIS systems through the use of real-life case studies. These courses provide MIS majors with an extensive background in technical and organizational areas which serves as a solid foundation for understanding how new technological advances enhance the use of information resources for operations and strategic decision-making.