Curriculum- Industrial and Labor Relations, B.A.

Requirements (52 credits or 13 courses)

(Students may take a maximum of 20 credits in BU-designated courses)

Foundation Courses (16 credits or 4 courses required)

  • PE2300 Introduction to Law
  • PE2420 Principles of Microeconomics
  • PE2430 Principles of Macroeconomics
  • PE2650 Introduction to U.S. Politics
  • PE3410 Contemporary Political Economy

Core Courses (20 credits or 5 courses required)

  • IR2210 Unions and Management: An Introduction
  • IR3140 Unions and Public Policy
  • IR3300 Collective Bargaining and Grievance Procedures
  • IR3415 Labor Economics
  • IR4320 Labor and Employment Law

Electives (16 credits or 4 courses required)

  • BU4110 Organizational Behavior and Management
  • BU5125 Management and Society
  • BU5171 Human Resource Management
  • IR3120 History of American Labor Relations
  • IR3260 Comparative Labor Relations
  • IR3330 Women, Minorities and the Workplace
  • IR3500 Arbitration and Mediation
  • IR3860 Development of the Modern Corporation
  • IR4200 Strategic Research for labor Relations
  • IR4600 Topics in Labor Studies
  • IR5900 Senior Project/Internship in Industrial and Labor Relations
  • PE4430 Health Economics
  • PH4770 Occupational Health