Business Administration, B.S.

The Management, Marketing and Finance Department offers Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with specializations in Finance, Marketing, Management and General Business.  The curriculum is divided into two parts: a common core of business courses and a set of elective courses in specialized areas of business administration.  The business administration core is designed to provide a broad foundation in the functional areas of business. These courses embody both the disciplinary and multidisciplinary perspectives within each area, while providing the cognitive and analytical competencies that will be utilized in the specialized areas of the curriculum.

Finance Specialization

The objective of the Finance specialization is to develop a student's analytical skills in the area of financial and economic analysis, and to enable a better understanding of the interdependence among financial markets and their impact on domestic and international economies.  Students may take courses in corporate and international finance, and financial markets and institutions management and statistical analysis.  The program of study blends theory, current financial practice, analytical reasoning and computing. 

Marketing Specialization

The primary objective of the Marketing specialization is to enable students to acquire analytical and communication skills in sales, marketing, and distribution in preparation for entry into today’s dynamic marketing environment. The marketing curriculum provides students with an understanding of how the marketing function is integrated with the other functional areas within a business organization and how it operates within a global market environment. Specifically, students learn about the importance of branding, channels of distribution, information advertising, and global marketing. Students are trained for positions in sales management, advertising, market research and marketing management.

Management Specialization

Management specialization is designed to provide students with detailed and current information on the field while encouraging students to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to function effectively in a variety of managerial activities.

General Business Specialization

The General Business specialization’s purpose is to provide students with a strong foundation in the functional areas of business and with the necessary theories and interpersonal skills to assume positions of responsibilities in a variety of industries, organizational types and/or functional areas.