Adolescence Education: Social Studies (7-12), B.A.

Students in this program earn a degree in both History (Social Studies track) and Adolescence Education.  Candidates successfully completing this program are recommended by the College to New York State for initial certification as Adolescent Education (7-12) teachers.  

The Social Studies coordinator, who holds a joint appointment in the School of Education and the History and Philosophy Department of the School of Arts and Sciences, is responsible for advising and approving students as they progress through the program.

A. Social Studies Content Requirements

B. Liberal Education Courses

Students must complete requirements of the Old Westbury Liberal Education program.

C. Education Core Courses

  • ED3742 Middle Childhood & Adolescence
  • ED3900 Foundations of Education
  • ED4000 Foundations of Special Education
  • ED4230 Reading Across the Curriculum
  • ED4231 Reading Practicum
  • ED4086 Methods and Materials of Teaching Social Studies in Secondary School
  • ED5890 Pre-teaching Practicum & Seminar
  • ED5900 Student Teaching & Seminar in Adolescence Education (grades 7-12)

D. Special Requirements

Except where the requirement is higher, candidates must earn a minimum grade of C in all required courses for the degree, whether taken at Old Westbury or elsewhere.