2022 May Closing Information

Helpful Dates:
4/25 (MON) - 4/28 (THURS):
· Summer Housing Applications will be available at ORL
· Floor meetings to discuss closing
· Student Satisfaction Surveys   
 5/9 (MON) @10AM:   
· 24 Hour Quiet Begins.
· Any students found violating this policy can be automatically removed from the halls for the duration of Finals Week. 
 5/11 (WED)  & 5/12 (THURS)
· Reading days
 5/13 (FRI)  TO 5/20 (FRI):                       
· Finals Week
· Students can begin checkout of the hall.  Please refer to HOW TO CHECK OUT OF YOUR  ROOM/ SUITE for more instructions.
· Large trash dumpsters will be available
 5/20 (FRI):
· @4PM: Graduating Seniors MUST be on the APPROVED Grad List from the REGISTRAR OFFICE to qualify for check out on Sun, May 22
· @4PM: Summer School residents must provide “Approved for Room and Board Stamps” from BURSAR OFFICE to ORL
· @ 10PM: Residence Halls Close for all undergraduate students.  Any students without prior approval found in the hall after this time will be subject to financial  charges and potential judicial sanctions. 
 5/21 (SAT) from 10AM - 5/22 (SUN) by Noon:                 
· Summer S4 will check-in at summer building over the weekend.  Specific info will be sent by Email. 
 5/22(SUN) BY 3PM:
· All pre-approved graduating students must leave the halls by this time
 5/23 (MON):                             
· Summer S4,6A,6C,6E begins
 5/27 (FRI):   
· Microfridge company will collect all appliances

RAs will host closing floor meetings between Mon, April 25 - Thurs, April 28

  • Student(s) must attend the meeting to receive the correct housing check out information.  .
  • Failure to attend or meet with the RA as needed, does not create an exception for any charges or assessments made.  

24 HOUR QUIET HOURS: effective MON, MAY 9 at 10AM until FRI, MAY 20.


  • Student(s) found causing a disruption or breaking housing policies in the halls, including, but not limited to, parties, noise violation and/ or non-compliance with Res-Life staff requests MAY BE IMMEDIATELY REMOVED from the residence halls.
  • Students will have to arrange their own alternate housing arrangements regardless of any remaining finals during this time.   
CHECK OUT PROCESS Residential students can begin to check out of their room/suite on Fri, May 13.  Student MUST check out 24 hours after their last final and no later than 10PM on Fri, May 20. No exceptions will be given for any off campus jobs, other engagements or internships. All exceptions must be pre-approved by RD. We encourage all residents to check out properly with an RA.  RDs will do a final inspection after the building close for any common area damages/ issues which will be assessed as necessary to residents or the building IMPROPER CHECKOUT Any student checkouts that occur AFTER 10PM WILL result in an improper charge.  Improper charges (minimally starting at $110) are assessed to any residential student who 1. Does not check out properly with a staff member and return both the room/suite & mailbox key(s).  2. Does not clean their room/ suite (s) prior to leaving.  3. Leaves any belongings in the room/suite including clothing, carpets/ rugs/ trash etc. FYI:  Summer school/ conferences begin Mon, May 23. So we CANNOT ACCEPT any keys if they are mailed back to the college, slid under doors or left with room-/ suitemates!  Improper charges will be assessed to student accounts. CHECK OUT OPTIONSOPTION 1: There will be schedules to facilitate checkouts at the RA Office. Students who sign up for a specific time MUST keep their scheduled time.  Student MUST:1. Sign up for a checkout at the RA office.  2. Check out 24 hours after their last final  and no later than the times listed.  This is including but not limited to any off campus jobs, other engagements or internships. No late stays will be permitted to stay past Fri, May 203. Empty out their mailbox of all personal mail. 4. Turn in ROOM /SUITE KEY(s) & MAILBOX KEY directly to a staff member prior to leaving the building  At this point an RA will double check your room/suite and process your check out from the building. Remember to hand in your room/suite  and mailbox keys.    OPTION 2: (EXPRESS CHECKOUT) If you miss your scheduled time, students can fill out an EXPRESS CHECKOUT envelope. Envelopes MUST BE HANDED directly to a staff member. Envelopes slid under doors will result in a minimum improper checkout charge of $110. By using the Express Checkout option, any fines or damages found in the room/suite during the RD walk through cannot be contested or appealed.


      You are required to TURN IN YOUR SUITE &/OR ROOM AND MAILBOX KEYS before leaving campus for the Spring 2022 semester. .To avoid unnecessary charges, keys must be returned to the staff through one of the following options:

      ___   1.  Schedule a time for check out at the RA Office.

      ___   2.  Empty out your personal mailboxes before you check out.  Please note: Only first class mail will be forwarded to the home address listed with the school.     

      ___   3.  Take all the trash to the outside dumpsters.  Any trash left in the room/suite/halls will result in a charge for the resident and/or the floor. 

      ___   4.  Remove all personal items from the room/suite(s) including personal fridge, clothing, food, cinder blocks, electronics, computers, books etc. 

      ___   5.  All fridges must be defrosted and all perishable and unprotected foods must be taken to the dumpsters.

      Please note: Microfridge pick ups will occur once students are out of the room/suite(s).  Fridges must be defrosted and cleaned. 

      ___   6.  Close & lock all room/suite(s) windows. Room/suite(s) blinds should be only 2/3 of the way open.

      ___   7.  Leave the heating/ cooling units on AUTO.

      ___   8.  Lock your room/suite(s) door before you leave.

      ___   9.  Remember to turn your keys into a staff member or the RA on duty before you leave. DO NOT SLIDE UNDER ANY DOORS OR GIVE TO ROOM-/SUITE MATES. Failure to return your keys to the RA office will result in forfeiture of the key deposit ($110.00). 

       Once the halls have closed, RAs and RHDs will be conducting final room and common area checks to look for any issues

      non graduating students:

      All Residence Halls will CLOSE on FRI, MAY 2O @ 10PM for all undergraduate students. 

      • Residents MUST check out of their rooms 24-hours after their LAST EXAM OR NO LATER THAN FRI, MAY 2O @ 10P.  No exceptions will be provided 
      • Students who do not comply with these guidelines can potentially face additional charges to their student accounts.  

      You are required to TURN IN YOUR SUITE &/OR ROOM AND MAILBOX KEYS before leaving campus for the Spring 2022 semester. .


      A. Students who are not approved graduates, cannot stay in the halls.  All non-approved graduating students must move out 24 hours after their last final and no later than 10pm on Fri, May 20

      B. Graduating Seniors MUST  be on the Registrar graduation list by Fri, May 20 by 4pm to qualify to stay for graduation.  

      C. Graduating Seniors MUST check out with your RA or RD by no later than Sun, May 22 by 3pm

          FALL 2022 Bills:

          All students must clear their financial holds before the deadline to avoid having BOTH CLASSES & HOUSING dropped from your accounts. Failure to clear your accounts will also keep you from being able to move into the halls. Bursar Office #(516) 876-3168.   Dates are subject to change.  Residents are responsible to meet all financial requirements prior to entering the halls.

              Requesting for a HOUSING CANCELLATION (not automatically gauranteed):

              For non-graduating students who participated in Spring Room Selection, you must be PRE-APPROVED by the Office of Residential Life to have both meal and housing removed from Spring housing.  Please note the conditions in the Residence Hall License Agreement which would pre-approve your release from your contract including:

              1. Transferring to another institution, or not attending school in Fall 2022.
                • Email the Office of Residential Life at reslife@oldwestbury.edu requesting a “Residence Hall License Agreement Release Request" Form.  Please make sure that you are including your name, 700# and cellphone if we need to contact you.  
                • We strongly encourage students to fill out the paperwork properly and provide ALL the necessary documentation. Submissions without any appropriate documentation will be automatically denied.  Please note: THIS IS ONLY A REQUEST AND NOT A GUARANTEED CANCELLATION.