Regional Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders at Old Westbury

The Regional Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders at Old Westbury (RCASD Old Westbury) is a university affiliated resource center that brings research and practice together in community settings. RCASD Old Westbury provides evidence-based training and support to families and professionals, and through ongoing research, contributes knowledge to the field of autism spectrum disorders.

Established in 2013, RCASD Old Westbury provides high quality autism spectrum resources to individuals and families affected by autism, and to school personnel and community providers. functions with an an overarching goal of identifying, disseminating, and assisting in the implementation of practices to build capacity to improve services and outcomes for children and youth with autism spectrum disorders. As a member of partnership of six university-affiliated programs across New York State, the RCASD at Old Westbury is part of a regional model approach demonstrated to be a successful paradigm around the nation for providing services and resources to families and professionals across the state that may not had access to cost-effective services in the past. 

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Sanja Cale, Ph.D.
Phone: (516) 628-5647