Spanish Minor

Degree Type

The Spanish minor consists of 20 credits. Up to two courses may be transferred from another institution. Students must take a sequence of four ML language courses and choose one survey course in English, in either literature or cultural studies, from a number of HI, PEL or ML options. The objectives of this minor are to help students acquire a solid foundation in the language, to strengthen their communications skills and to offer them a broad introduction to Hispanic culture.



Students minoring in Spanish are required to complete five courses (20 credits) as follows:

A. Four Conversation and Grammar Courses (16 credits):

  • ML1110 or CE2010 Basic Spanish II

  • ML2100 Intermediate Spanish I

  • ML2120 Intermediate Spanish II

  • AND

  • ML3100 Intensive Spanish Conversation and Composition

B. One Survey Course in English (4 credits):

Select one:

  • HI3102 Hispanic Heritage

  • HI3110 Latin American Culture

  • HI3480 Masterpieces of Hispanic Literature

  • ML3300 Artistic Expressions of Spain

  • ML3410 Latino Writers in the United States

  • ML/EL4630 Latin American Literature

  • PE2240 Introduction to Latin American Studies