Psychology Minor

Degree Type

Basic psychological knowledge is essential for an understanding of modern culture. Discourse in the arts, media and politics is infused with assumptions about the psyche. Educational debates hinge on differing theories of learning and cognition. Medicine and science are increasingly aware of the impact of psychological factors on health and in the process of scientific inquiry. Advertising and economic projections incorporate theories concerning human motivation. Understanding of human cognitive processes is critical to the development of software technology and artificial intelligence systems.


Requirements for the Minor in Psychology

Students must take at least 20 credits or a minimum of 5 courses in Psychology, distributed as follows:

  1. Research Methods: (Minimum grade of C required)              4 cr.
  • PY3010 -- Research Design & Analysis I
  • PH4670 -- Biostatistics
  • SY4520 -- Research Methods I
  1. One foundations course in Cognitive & Physiological -- 4 cr.
  2.  One foundations course in Developmental, Clinical, or Social  -- 4 cr.
  3. One foundations course in Diversity & Social Justice -- 4 cr
  4. One 4000‑level psych elective (residency requirement) -- 4 cr.

Students must complete the pre-reqs for the 4000-level psych elective.

*Refer to Psychology B.A. for a list of courses in each domain.
Note: Students must have a cumulative average of 2.5 based on all courses in the minor.