Psychology, B.A.

Degree Type
Bachelor of Arts

Completion of requirements for a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology ensures that students have been given an extensive background in research methods and have been introduced to the basic areas of specialization within psychology. While some students begin employment with a Bachelor’s degree, in order to advance professionally, many students go on to pursue graduate degrees in psychology or social work. The program provides majors with a strong background for entering graduate studies in many related fields of human service.

Core Requirements

Core Requirements

  1. Introduction to Psychology
  2. Research Design & Analysis I
  3. Research Design & Analysis II
  4. Field Experience & Research (internship course)
  5. Senior Seminar (5000-level course)


  1. Cognitive & Physiological Foundations Elective
    One required
    1. PY3410 Cognitive Psychology
    2. PY3420 Learning & Motivation
    3. PY3610 Brain & Behavior
    4. PY3620 Drugs and Behavior
  2.  Two Developmental, Clinical, & Social Foundations Electives
    Take an elective in two of three areas
    1. Developmental 
      1. PY3215 Foundations of Child Development
      2. PY3230 Adulthood & Aging 
      3. PY3240 Lifespan Development
    2. Social
      1. PY3510 Social Psychology 
      2. PY3570 Community Psychology 
    3. Clinical
      1. PY3310 Foundations in Clinical Psychology
      2. PY3311 Theories of Personality
  3. Diversity & Social Justice Foundations Elective
    One required
    1. PY2530 Psychology of Prejudice & Discrimination
    2. PY2720 Psychology of Gender 
    3. PY3710 Psychology & Social Justice

Electives (2 Electives)

  1. 3000-/4000-level Elective
  2. 4000-level elective(residency requirement)
Departmental GPA and Minimum Grade Requirements

Minimum Psychology GPA of 2.5 based on highest grade in each of the 11 courses required for the major or Minimum grade of C in each of the following courses: Introduction to Psychology, Research Design & Analysis I, Research Design & Analysis II, one foundations course in Cognitive & Physiological, two foundations courses in Developmental, Clinical or Social, one foundations course in Diversity & Social Justice, Field Experience, and Senior Seminar

College-Wide Requirements
  1. Minimum of 120 credits
  2. 2.0 minimum cumulative GPA
  3. English Mastery Satisfied (EMS)
  4. Math Proficiency
  5. College Diversity Requirement
  6. General Education Requirements
  7. Residency Requirement (min. 40 OW credits)
  8. Liberal Arts Requirement (min. 90 LA credits)
  9. Upper-Division Requirement (45 credits)

      Course Availability Note:  The Psychology Department offers the required core courses and electives in the evening on a rotating basis; however, completion of the major typically takes longer for evening-only students.