Multicultural US/British Literature Minor

Degree Type


The Multicultural U.S./British Literature minor includes texts from the U.S. and U.K. by writers of different ethnicities, genders, sexualities, classes, and ability/disability status. It focuses on the complexity of two countries in which people of many different cultures cohabit. It provides grounding in recent debates in literary study and features intensive work in effective writing and expression. Majors in Media and Communication, Business programs, and other areas will benefit from this minor, which improves communication skills that are fundamental to teaching, writing, and speaking.


Program of Study

The minor requires five courses (20 credits) drawn from the first four tiers of the English degree (Multicultural U.S./British Literature Concentration) culminating with Major Authors, an in-depth look at the life and work of one or more authors.




    (Select one from each group)


    A. Linguistic Foundations (4 credits) 

    • EL3010 Structure and Grammar of English


    B. Literary Analysis (4 credits) 

    • EL3500 Literature Across Cultures I: Analysis and Interpretation 

    • EL3510 Literature Across Cultures II: Theory 

    • EL4400 Critical Theory


    C. Literary Traditions (4 credits) 

    • EL3600 U.S. Literature I: Colonial Period to Civil War 

    • EL3610 U.S. Literature II: Civil War to Present 

    • EL3800 English Literature I: Beowulf to 18th Century, inclusive of Shakespeare 

    • EL3810 English Literature II: Romantics to Present 

    • EL3950 Creative Non-Fiction 

    • EL4200 Biblical-Classical Foundations of Multicultural Literature 

    • EL4300 20th-Century Literature: Colonialism and Post Colonialism 

    • EL4325 Shakespeare: Selected Plays 

    • EL4500 Topics in British/U.S. Literature 

    • EL4510 Modern Drama and Theater

    • EL4520 Reading and Writing the Short Story


    D. Perspectives on Literature (4 credits-choose ONE course from any group)

    British/U.S. Literature 
    • EL4030 Women and Narrative 
    • EL4050 Lesbian and Gay Literature 
    • EL4060 Literature of Class and Class Consciousness 
    • EL4080 Extraordinary Bodies: Disabilities in Literature 
    U.S. Literature
    • ML3410 Latino Writers in the US
    • EL3811 Survey of African American Literature
    • EL4000 Native American Literature
    • EL4010 Harlem Renaissance
    • EL4015 Multi-Ethnic Literatures of the United States
    • EL4020 Asian American Literature
    • EL4040 Black Woman Writers
    • EL4070 Topics in African American Literature
    • EL4090 African American Novel
    • EL4091 African American Poetry and Plays
    • EL4405 Caribbean Literature
    British Literature 
    • EL4550 Modern English Literature 1890-1960 

    • EL4560 Multicultural British Literature Since 1960


    E. Major Literary Figures (4 credits) 

    • EL4800 Major Authors