Italian Cultural Studies Minor

Degree Type

The Italian Cultural Studies Minor consists of 20 credits. Up to two courses may be transferred from another institution. Students must complete (a) two Basic Italian Language Courses; (b) two Cultural Studies courses offered by the ML Department in English; including ML3150, ML3450; (c) and a fifth course, either (1) a further Italian language course; or (2) by approval from the instructor, a course in History or Literature including EL3560 and HI4557 in which the contributions of the Italian Renaissance are emphasized; (c) a summer abroad course, or (d) a COIL course which supports international collaboration with an Italian institution. The objectives of this minor are to help students acquire a solid foundation in the language, to strengthen their communication skills, and to offer them a broad introduction to Italian culture.




Students minoring in Italian Cultural Studies are required to complete five courses (20 credits) as follows:


A. Two Conversation and Grammar Courses (8 credits):

  • ML1400 Basic Italian I

  • ML1410 Basic Italian 2


B. Two Culture/Film Courses taught in English

  • ML3150 Modern Italian Civilization (GE 3) 

  • ML3450 Italian Cinema from Neo-Realism to Present


C. One additional course, either:

A. Summer Abroad Rome (with Stony Brook University or OW program TBA)
B. Or, ONE of the following with advisement:
  • ML2400 Intermediate Italian 1 (With course approval) (GE6)

  • HI4557 Renaissance and Reformation in Europe

  • EL3560 Literatures of Europe, Pt. 1 Old Testament and Home to the Renaissance (GE H)

C. COIL COURSES: BU4120 Global Business (Emphasis on Italy/EU) or other courses by advisement.