Islamic Studies Minor

Degree Type

The Islamic Studies minor allows students to develop an interdisciplinary understanding of Islam as a faith and as a force in world history and in societies today. The curriculum is designed to foster insight into Islam in the context of other world religions and societies.






    The minor requires five courses:


    1. HI 3835 Islamic Cultures


    2. ONE from the following: 

    • HI 1010 World Religions--West

    • HI 1020 World Religions--East

    • HI 2511 World History I--Non-Western World


    3. ONE from the following:

    • ML 1300 Basic Arabic Language I


    • HI 4308 History of the Modern Middle East


    4. TWO from the following: 

    • HI 3704 African Religions and Philosophy
    • HI 3840 Crescent and Cross
    • HI 4305 Islam and the Quran
    • HI 4308 History of the Modern Middle East
    • HI 4318 Islamic Philosophy and Mysticism
    • HI 4306 Golden Age of Islam
    • PE 4200 Middle Eastern Politics