French Studies Minor

Degree Type

The French Minor consists of 20 credits. Up to two courses might be transferred from another institution. Students must take (a) a sequence of two French language courses; (b) one course in Translation; (c) one course in Modern French Culture, (d) one course in French Literature in translation. The objectives of this minor are to help students acquire a basic foundation in French, to develop their understanding of morphological and syntactical differences between French and English, and to offer them a broad introduction to French and Francophone literature and culture.



    Students minoring in French Studies are required to complete five courses (20 credits) as follows:

    1. ML 1000 Basic French I and ML 1010 Basic French II (8 credits)
    2. ML 2005 French to English Translation (4 credits)
    3. ML 3800 Modern French Culture (4 credits)
    4. ML 4645 French Literature (4 credits)

    Note: ML 1000, ML 1010, and ML 2005 should be taken in sequence; ML 3800 and ML 4645 can be taken at any time.