Biochemistry, B.S.

Degree Type
Bachelor of Science

The Biochemistry major will appeal to students whose interests overlap the fields of chemistry and biology. The B.S. degree program in biochemistry is designed to prepare students for careers in biotechnology and scientific work in emerging fields at the interface of biology and chemistry. It is a highly interdisciplinary curriculum that also prepares students for graduate study in biochemistry and related fields such as molecular and cellular biology. In addition, the biochemistry major provides excellent preparation for students intending to seek entry into medical, dental, and other health professional schools.


Requirements - 120 Credits

A. Liberal Education

Refer to the Liberal Education Curriculum for specific requirements.

B. Core Requirements - 72 Credits

  • CP2120 Principles of Chemistry I 3cr.
  • CP2121 Principles of Chemistry I Lab 1cr.
  • CP2130 Principles of Chemistry II 3cr.
  • CP2131 Principles of Chemistry II Lab 1cr.
  • CP3300 Organic Chemistry I 3cr.
  • CP3302 Organic Chemistry I Lab 2cr.
  • CP3310 Organic Chemistry II 3cr.
  • CP3312 Organic Chemistry II Lab 2cr.
  • CP3400 Analytical Chemistry 5cr.
  • CP4700 Physical Chemistry I 3cr.


  • CP4710 Physical Chemistry II 3cr.
  • CP5920 Chemistry Seminar I 1cr.
  • CP5921 Chemistry Seminar II 1cr.
  • CP4510 Biochemistry I 3cr.
  • CP4515 Biochemistry II 3cr.
  • CP4520 Biochemistry Lab 2cr.
  • BS2400 Basic Bio Sciences I w/ Lab 4cr.
  • BS2410 Basic Bio Sciences II w/ Lab 4cr.
  • BS4400 Cell Biology 4cr.
  • BS4460 Genetics 4cr.
  • BS4560 Molecular Biology 4cr.
  • CP2220 Structure of Physics I 3cr.


  • CP2240 General Physics Icr.
  • CP2221 Structure of Physics I Lab 1cr.


  • CP2241 General Physics I Lab
  • CP2230 Structure of Physics II 3cr.


  • CP2250 General Physics II
  • CP2231 Structure of Physics I Lab 1cr.


  • CP2251 General Physics II Lab
  • MA2310 Calculus I 4cr.
  • MA2320 Calculus II 4cr.

Electives (at least 2 of the following) 4-9 credits

  • BS3400 Vertebrate Physiology 4cr.
  • BS3450 Plant Biology 3cr.
  • BS4420 Microbiology 4cr.
  • BS4461 Immunology 4cr.
  • BS4500 Cell and Molecular Neurobiology 4cr.
  • BS4550 Cancer Cell Biology 4cr.
  • BS6750 Biological Pharmacology 3cr.
  • CP3230 Math Methods in Phys. Science 3cr.
  • CP3450 Inorganic Chemistry 3cr.
  • CP4320 Advanced Organic Chemistry 3cr.
  • CP4700 Physical Chemistry I 3cr.
  • CP4710 Physical Chemistry II 3cr.
  • CP4720 Physical Chemistry Lab. II 2cr.
  • CP4800 Advanced Chemical Methods 5cr.
  • CP5500 Advanced Topics in Chemistry 3cr.
  • CP5900 Research 2-4cr.
  • CP9900 Independent Study in Chem./Phys 2-4cr.

C. General Electives

In consultation with Academic Advisor


Requirements for a B.S. Degree in Biochemistry with American Chemical Society Certification

To be eligible for ACS Certification, students must complete all requirements for the B.S. Degree in Biochemistry with the added requirements of completion of Inorganic Chemistry (CP3450), Physical Chemistry II (CP4710) and Advanced Chemical Methods (CP4800). Research (CP5900) may not substitute for any requirements for purposes of ACS certification.