Use of University Facilities for Fundraising Activity

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Identifies procedures for University staff and students to follow in order to hold a fundraising event using University facilities. This Policy references, and is to be used in conjunction with, the following previously-approved Policies: B-01 Use of University Facilities for an Internal Event, and B-01.1 Events Collection.

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It is the policy of the State University of New York at Old Westbury (the University) to establish guidelines for fundraising activities that involve the use of University Facilities by students, faculty and staff.  Such events constitute Internal Events which are governed by the Procedure B‐01.  For procedures related to the collection of proceeds for events, refer to the Procedure B‐01.1. This procedure does not address fundraisers by the Student Government Association or ancillary organizations, since they are governed by their own set of policies.  However all fundraising activities held on campus by ancillary organizations, like the SEFA campaign, are strongly encouraged to comply with appropriate portions of this procedure.


2.1 A student, faculty or staff member seeking to hold a Fundraiser on the University campus is responsible for obtaining initial approval from her/his immediate supervisor and, as appropriate, the Officer of Student Activities (for students), the Office of Academic Affairs (for faculty) or the respective Division Head or Vice President (for staff).  Once approved, each individual should submit a Use of Facilities for an Internal Event Form according to Procedure B‐01.

2.2 The Office of Student Activities of the Division of Student Affairs (Student Activities) is responsible for granting preliminary approval for student requested fundraising, obtaining approval from the Vice President for Student Affairs, requesting usage of the room, facility or area from the Office of Facilities Rentals and placing its “seal of approval” on campus advertising (flyers) for the Fundraiser after receiving notification by the Office of Facilities Rentals.  

2.3 The Division Head or Vice President (VP) is responsible for approving staff requested fundraising event by determining its propriety and that the event does not conflict with University or SUNY Guidelines and ensuring that the event is properly managed.

2.4 The Office of Facilities Rentals of the Division of Business & Finance (Facilities Rental) is responsible for determining the availability and scheduling of the Fundraiser on the University Calendar.  The Facilities Rental Office also notifies the University’s Internal Control Officer of upcoming fundraising events.

2.5   The Permit Committee is responsible for approval of the Fundraiser and use of facilities, identifying campus‐wide resource requirements, determining the price and fee for the event and recommending the event to the University President, if appropriate.  Fees will be guided by Section 4.6 of this procedure.

2.6 The Internal Control Officer is responsible for reviewing submitted documentation regarding the Fundraiser, determining if sufficient controls were in place and reporting weaknesses in fundraising activity.

2.7 The University President has final approval for the Fundraiser and must be consulted if concerns arise regarding the propriety of a Fundraiser.


3.1 The Requestor is a student, faculty or staff member of the University coordinating a group or an organization affiliated with the University, who prepares the proposal for the use of a University facility and moves the proposal through the approval process.

3.2 A Fundraiser is an event or action that generates 100% of its net revenue to benefit a University affiliated group; no monetary gain is made by the Requestor or individuals in the group.

3.3 A Facility can be any of the following:  a room (Maguire Theatre, a classroom, conference or presentation room, etc.); a building (Student Union, Clark Center, etc.) or an area (Trainor field, baseball fields, atrium, etc.).

3.4   A Vice President (VP), for the purpose of this policy, is considered to be any of the following:  the Provost and VP for Academic Affairs; the VP for Enrollment Management and Marketing; the Executive Vice President and Chief of Staff; the VP for Student Affairs; the VP for Institutional Advancement, the VP for Business & Finance, the VP of Communications and University Relations, any Special Assistant to the President, and the Executive Director of Human Resources.  A Division Head, for the purpose of this policy, is considered to be any of the following: the Chief of University Police and the Chief Information Officer.  


4.1 The Requestor must submit a written proposal to their immediate supervisor for review. If accepted, the supervisor will then forward it to the VP or Division Head for approval.  

4.2 The proposal must be specific to the individual event, outlining a detailed plan for the purpose of the Fundraiser, including the layout of the event, how it will be executed and a detailed budget (See Exhibit A).   Minimally the request should answer these questions:

     a. What is the purpose of the Fundraiser?

     b. Who will the Fundraiser benefit?

     c. How will the Fundraiser operate?

     d. What resources and space are needed from the University?

     e. How much will the Fundraiser cost?

     f. Are there sponsors to cover some costs?

     g. What is the expected revenue?

     h. How are the funds to be collected and cash controlled? (Are there advance collections and when collected?)

4.3 Once the proposal has the proper supervisory, departmental and Internal Control Officers approvals, it should be submitted to the Permit Committee.  

4.4 The Permit Committee will review the proposal, check availability of the venue using the University Calendar and assess the fee.  External events paying more funds to the University than the Fundraiser or scheduled before the Fundraiser, at the same facility, take priority.  The Permit Committee will provide the Requestor with a schedule that indicates how the assessed fee was determined.  If the expected revenue from the Fundraiser is significant, the Permit Committee may suggest a revenue sharing proposal.

4.5 As soon as the Requestor is aware that a planned Fundraiser will not go forward, immediate notification must be made to the Facilities Rental Office (or 50% of the potential revenue will be charged to the Fundraiser Requestor).    

4.6 Other fundraising/considerations include:

     a. Monies must be turned over to the College Foundation with an “Event Record of Collections” Form. The form, (attached to this policy for convenience) is part of the B‐01.1 Events Collection Policy.

     b. No money should change hands between the Requestor and those being paid for their assistance.   

     c. Receipts (proceeds) are to be remitted intact.  All purchases or expenses need to be accounted for separately and not paid from receipts.  

     d. All purchases need to be appropriate for the Fundraiser.

     e. The “Actual” section of the Budget Actual Worksheet should be completed showing the amount raised by the individual  responsible for the activity and submitted to the University’s Internal Control Officer at the end of each fundraising activity.

     f. No additional Fundraisers will be approved for the Requestor or its organization until the revenue is accounted for and report submitted and all funds reconciled.

     g Additional labor or other costs incurred by the University, above those estimated by the Permit Committee, should be charged to the organization.  

4.7 University staff are prohibited from maintaining funds or accounts that are not subject to institutional control or review.   

4.8 All checks for the Fundraiser must be made payable to “Old Westbury College Foundation”.  


The following authoritative documents were referenced in the preparation of this policy:

     a. SUNY’s University‐wide Policies and Procedures, #5603; Use of University Facilities by Non‐Commercial Organizations

     b. SUNY Old Westbury Procedures:

  • B‐01; Use of University Facilities for Internal Events
  • B‐01.1; Events Collection Policy
  • B‐02; Use of University Facilities by Non‐Commercial Organizations
  • Student Conduct Handbook


This policy was reviewed by the Permit Committee, Executive Vice President, Vice President for Student Affairs, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Chief Financial Officer prior to approval by the President.

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