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Associate Professor
Natural Sciences
Courses Taught

PH 3600 Social Determinants of Health

PH 3700 Medical Anthropology

PH 4610 Women and Health,

PH 4900 Applied Practice Experience

PH 5900 Senior Research Seminar I

PH 5920 Senior Research Seminar II

  • 2014 PhD Applied Medical Anthropology, Department of Anthropology University of South Florida (USF), Tampa, Florida
  • 2009 MPH Community and Family Health College of Public Health, University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida
  • 2005 BA Anthropology, with Honors University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida
Research Interests

Smith joined the Department of Public Health at Old Westbury in the Fall of 2015. Smith is a feminist medical anthropologist with mixed methods research experience in areas such as women’s health, sexual health, human trafficking, and gender-based violence.  Her most recent research is in Guam, U.S. and Chuuk, Federated States of Micronesia, which focuses on gender, migration, sexual and reproductive health, Pacific diasporas, clinical environments, and the political economy of health. 



2023 Smith, Sarah A. Forgotten Bodies: Imperialism, Chuukese Migration and Stratified Reproduction in Guam. Rutgers University Press (November). ISBN: 9781978832602. 

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles and Book Chapters (*indicates student co-author) 

2022 Eria, Josealyn,* Hoffman, Rebecca and Sarah A. Smith. “Micronesian conceptions of home and gender in Chuuk and the US: Between the presence of absent islanders and island imaginaries abroad.” Pacific Geographies 58 July/August.

2021 Smith, Sarah A. and Heide Castañeda. “Nonimmigrant Others: Belonging, Precarity and Imperial Citizenship for Chuukese Migrants in Guam.” Political and Legal Anthropology Review 44(1):148-155.

2021 Smith, Sarah A. “Structural Vulnerability and Marital Sexual Violence in Chuuk, Micronesia.” Chapter 4 in Sexual Violence in Intimacy: Implications for Research and Policy in Global Health, edited by M. Gabriela Torres and Kersti Yllö, 44-58. New York: Routledge. ISBN 9780367628246. 

2020 Smith, Sarah A. and Falyn Katzman.* “The collective power of women’s organizations in Chuuk, Micronesia.” Global Public Health 15 (8):1144-1156.  

2019 Smith, Sarah A. “Embracing the Obstetric Imaginary: Chuukese Women, Migration and Stratified Reproduction.” Medical Anthropology 38 (4):342-355.

2019 Smith, Sarah A. “Gender, Relationships and Sexual Violence in the Lives of Women from Chuuk, Micronesia.” Journal of Aggression, Maltreatment & Trauma 28 (2):146-165.

2018 Smith, Sarah A. “Chuukese Patients, Dual Role Interpreters and Confidentiality: Exploring Clinic Interpretation Services for Reproductive Health Patients.” Hawai‘i Journal of Medicine and Public Health 77 (4):7-12. PMID: 29637014

2016 Smith, Sarah A. “Global Reproductive Health and Migration: The Role(s) of the Anthropologist.” Practicing Anthropology 38 (4):40-42.

2016 Smith, Sarah A. “Examining the Intersections of Gender and Reproduction in Chuuk: Reflections on the Relevance and Utility of MDGs in a Small Island(s) Community.” Chapter 10 in Missing the Mark? Women and the Millennium Development Goals in Africa and Oceania, edited by Naomi McPherson, 286-314. Ontario: Demeter Press. EISBN: 978-1-77258-058-7. 

2016 Smith, Sarah A. “Migrant encounters in the clinic: bureaucratic, biomedical, and community influences on patient interactions with front-line workers.” Social Science & Medicine 150:49-56.  

2014 Daley, Ellen, Dodd, Virginia, DeBate, Rita, Vamos, Cheryl, Wheldon, Christopher, Kline, Nolan, Smith, Sarah, Chandler, Rasheeta, Dyer, Karen, Helmy, Hannah L., and Annelise Driscoll. “Prevention of HPV-related oral cancer: assessing dentists’ readiness.” Public Health 128 (3):231-238.   

2013 DeBate, Rita, Daley, Ellen M., Vamos, Cheryl A., Kline, Nolan, Marsh, Laura and Sarah A. Smith. “Transdisciplinary Women’s Health: A Call to Action.” Health Care for Women International 35:1113-1132.  

2013 Smith, Sarah A. “Sexual and Reproductive Health of Micronesians: A Systematic Review of the Literature.” Asia-Pacific Journal of Public Health 25 (1):7-18.  

2012 Dyer, Karen, Dickey, Nathaniel, Smith, Sarah A., and Hannah Helmy. “Human Trafficking in Florida: The Role of Applied Anthropology in Addressing the Problem and Response.” Practicing Anthropology 34 (4):24-28.

2011 Daley, Ellen, DeBate, Rita, Dodd, Virginia, Dyer, Karen, Fuhrmann, Hollie J., Helmy, Hannah, and Sarah A. Smith. “Exploring awareness, attitudes and perceived role among oral health providers regarding HPV-related oral cancers.” Journal of Public Health Dentistry 71 (2):136-142.  

2010 Buhi, Eric R., Daley, Ellen M., Oberne, Alison, Smith, Sarah, Schneider, Tali, and Hollie Fuhrmann. “Quality and accuracy of sexual health information websites visited by young people.” Journal of Adolescent Health 47 (2):206-208.  

2009 Buhi, Eric R., Daley, Ellen M., Fuhrmann, Hollie J. and Sarah A. Smith. “An observational study of how young people search for online sexual health information.” Journal of American College Health 58 (2):101-111.

Technical Reports 

2013 Smith, Sarah A. Chuukese Women Seeking Women’s Health Care at Guam Northern and Southern Regional Community Health Centers: Access and Quality of Care. Submitted to: Chief Medical Officer and Director of Guam Regional Community Health Centers, Guam, US. 

2010 Smith, Sarah A. and Kohn, Julia. School-Based Health Center Reproductive Health Project Clinic Capacity Analysis. Submitted to: Bureau of Maternal, Infant and Reproductive Health, Department of Health, New York City, NY. 

2010 Dickey, Nathaniel, Karen Dyer, Hannah Helmy, and Sarah A. Smith. Human Trafficking in Florida: The Role of Applied Anthropology in Addressing the Problem and Response. Submitted to: Commissioner George Sheldon, Department of Children and Families, State of Florida, Tallahassee, FL. 

2009 Smith, Sarah A., Brunaugh, Jenna, Koby, Emily, Johnson, Melissa, and Becca Nupp. Bulls Battle Stress: A program designed to address the academic and social impacts of depression, anxiety, and stress for University of South Florida undergraduate students. Submitted to: University of South Florida Undergraduate Experience Program, Tampa, FL.  

2008 Coulter, Martha, VandeWeerd, Carla, Pracht, Etienne, Fuino-Estefan, Lianne, and Sarah A. Smith. Analysis of Dependency Mediation in Florida Courts: Phase I Report. Submitted to: The Dispute Resolution Center, Florida Supreme Court, Tallahassee, FL. 

2008 Smith, Sarah A., Todd, Rebecca R., and Amanda Parr. Community Assessment of the East Tampa Strategic Action Plan: Resident Needs and Desires. Submitted to: East Tampa Strategic Action Plan Committee, Tampa, FL. 

2008 Smith, Sarah A., Austin, Kendrea, Hopkins, Kristin, Ratner, Lauren, Lester, Amy, and Kristine Nodarse-Hernandez. Evaluation Plan. Submitted to: STI and HIV/AIDS Testing and Counseling Program, University of South Florida Student Health Services, Tampa, FL.  

Other Publications (not peer reviewed) 

2019 Smith, Sarah A. Birth Migration and the Politics of Seeking Safety Abroad. Lauren Heidbrink and Michele Statz, eds. Youth Circulations (Blog). 

2010 Dyer, Karen, Helmy, Hannah, Fuhrmann, Hollie J., and Sarah A. Smith. Interdisciplinary Training in Anthropology and Public Health. Anthropology News 51(5):46. 

2008 Nodarse, Jaime, Smith, Sarah A., Churchill, Elizabeth, and Eric R. Buhi. Book Review: Using Excel to Run Statistics. The Health Educator 41(1):1-2.