Green circle with #OWmade#OWmade is the hashtag for all things SUNY Old Westbury. When a student achieves something great, it's #OWmade. A faculty member authors a new book? It's #OWmade. The College has a new program or partnership? That's #OWmade, too.  Follow all things #OWmade from this page, and don't forget to tag your SUNY Old Westbury moments and memories as #OWmade!

#OWmade My Day

Here we give you a slice of life on the campus of SUNY Old Westbury, with videos for and about students and their experiences, both in and out of the classroom.

Day in the life: Sarah Cancer researcher, honors college student. A latin female student with long dark hair wearing glasses and white lab coat and blue gloves holding long glass pipette

Day in the life: Shari Working parent, future teacher. Black female student wearing black and white t-shirt working on her laptop computer children's book and bookshelf displaying in background

A day in the life: Lenny Accounting intern, transfer student. A white male student wearing navy colored half-zip sweatshirt smiling while looking at a computer screen

Day in the life: Josselin Club founder, first-generation student Female latin student with braided dark hair wearing black frame eyeglasses and green and white athletic jacket looking up and smiling against greenery background

Day in the life: Lord. Commuter assistant, student activities leader. A latin male student in cap and gown climbing up stairs holding on to stair rail

Day in the life: Sasha. LIRR Commuter, Pre-law major. Black female student wearing red coat blue jeans and shoulder tote bag standing at LIRR platform

Day in the life: Jalen Resident assistant, orientation leader. A black male student wearing black sun visor and green and white polo shirt making hand gestures as if he is explaining something to someone

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