High Scores for Applied Learning at Old Westbury in National Survey

Image of the National Survey of Student Engagement logo

According to the recent National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE), SUNY Old Westbury students reported strong experiences in various assessment indicators including high-impact practices, reflective and integrative learning, and effective teaching practices.

First-year students at Old Westbury reported positive associations with the College’s high-impact practices, which include learning communities, service-learning, and faculty-guided research, with 85% of students participating in one or more of these practices. Old Westbury exceeded the State University of New York average by 35% in this category.

Student participation in applied learning opportunities is encouraged at Old Westbury through the award-winning Community Action, Learning and Leadership (CALL) program. In collaboration with community partners and the Old Westbury faculty, CALL develops volunteer opportunities for first-year students determined by course objectives and the students’ academic and career interests.

Additionally, Old Westbury’s performance among first-year and senior students exceeded the SUNY average in several categories related to the advantage of diverse perspectives in the classroom. First-year and senior students alike lauded faculty members for their effective teaching practices in the survey as well.

The NSSE report surveys first-year and senior students nationwide to assess their perceptions of their cognitive and affective development, as well as their overall satisfaction with their educational experiences. Five hundred Old Westbury students completed the survey in 2017.