Coronavirus Information

Monitoring developments related to the Coronavirus and responding as needed is a top campus priority. We are working very closely with local and state health departments and are implementing all recommendations of SUNY, the New York State Department of Health, and Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

If you are experiencing respiratory symptoms such as a dry cough, fever or difficulty breathing, please call ahead to your healthcare provider or the Student Health Center so we can prepare for your visit and offer further advice.  The telephone number to the Student Health Center is 516-876-3250.


What is being planned for the fall semester?

We look forward to helping you make the most of fall 2020 and to providing the support and resources you need to own your future. For details on the full plan, visit the Fall 2020 Campus Guide

How will Orientation be conducted for new first-year and transfer students?

To meet ongoing directives related to social distancing in our area, SUNY Old Westbury has elected to move its Orientation programs to a virtual format. A very robust agenda has been developed for each orientation session so be sure to register for your preferred session as early as possible. Visit the New Student Orietnation and Transfer Student Orientation pages for detailed information. 

What is the current status of COVID-19 at the Old Westbury campus?
The Student Health Center continues to monitor all COVID-19 activity among students, faculty and staff.  As of 5/4/2020 there are no new reported cases of which we are aware within our campus community. Use the menus on this page to read dated campus updates for more information about the campus’ response to COVID-19.  If you have not done so, please also sign up for Emergency Alert Communications from the campus.
What is the current status of COVID-19 in New York State?

Visit the New York State Department of Health’s Novel Coronavirus web page for the latest information on the status of COVID-19 in New York State.

What should I do if I have been in contact with someone who has this Coronavirus?

If it has been 14 days or less since you have been in direct contact with someone who has been found to have COVID-19, you should immediately self-quarantine yourself for a period of 14 days, whether you have symptoms or not. Should symptoms be present or begin to develop, you must contact your personal healthcare provider immediately. Employees must report to their supervisor and the Office of Human Resources if they have symptoms of the virus and then must follow the Governor's guidance for state employees. Students are asked to call the Student Health Center to report a positive test for COVID-19 or a situation that has resulted a mandatory or precautionary quarantine.  Be sure to follow CDC recommendations on what to do if you've been exposed to the virus.  

Is the campus closed?

No. However, effective March 16 and until notified otherwise, campus offices and services are minimally staffed. In keeping with the directive of New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo, all non-essential employees of SUNY Old Westbury will not report to work, although new directives may change that status. If you have an immediate question or need, please call or email the office responsible, as all emails and calls are being monitored.

What grading policies will apply in spring 2020?
Most students will complete all courses for a letter grade (A through F).  For those students who, after consulting with their academic and financial aid advisors, decide that a letter grade is not the best outcome, the Credit/No Credit (CR/NC) option deadline is being extended for this semester only. Students who elect the CR/NC option will receive either credit for the course (for any grade D- and above) or not receive credit (for a grade below D-), but neither CR nor NC has any impact on a student’s GPA. Students may elect the CR/NC for any or all of their courses. This designation must be made no later than May 31, 2020, which is after when final grades should be available. Because a “CR” may not satisfy either college-wide (e.g., Proficiency or Liberal Education) or Major requirements, students should consult with a faculty/academic advisor prior to submitting the CR/NC online form, particularly for courses within their major. Faculty members will not need to approve a student’s request for the CR/NC option but will be notified of those students who choose this route rather than receiving a letter grade. Note:  To access the Credit/No Credit application, logon to the ConnectOW student portal. Select the Registration link and then access the “Request for Credit/No Credit Form” in the Forms box.
What if I don’t have access to the internet?

Internet service is available on campus. Some companies are offering additional free services to help finish the school year. Samples of such resources are available on the college website.  All students are asked to complete the Technology Needs survey, the results from which will be used to determine supports the College might need to provide to ensure the highest quality academic experience possible. To ask questions or report issues with the functionality of Blackboard or the campus email system, please send an email to servicedesk [at]

Is the library staying open and, if so, what are their hours?

The Library is closed to visitors until further notice. Electronic resources of the Library are available 24 hours a day. All librarians are available for help electronically, via email or virtual meeting.  See the Campus Library webpage for more information.

Will the computer and science labs still be open?

Since every attempt has been made to provide alternatives for face-to-face laboratory instruction, please contact your professor before visiting the campus. To adhere to state guidelines that require social distancing and limiting non-essential travel, no science labs will be open on campus. NAB computer labs 0104 and 0105 will be available from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Occupancy limits are in place and social distancing practices will be required of visitors to those labs. 

How can I access software I need to use for my classes (e.g. Adobe Photoshop)?

In developing their plans for alternative instructional methodologies, your faculty are being mindful of maintaining access for all students. Some faculty may alter their assignments to incorporate readily available software or materials. We are striving to ensure that access to programs such as Adobe is available for all students who are required to use it.

How can I get an advising appointment with my faculty or staff advisor?

Please contact your advisor via email or Navigate. Advising sessions will be conducted remotely using phone, Zoom, MS Teams, etc. Please visit Access to Resources for Spring 2020 to see how advising and the many other resources available to you can be contacted for the remainder of the semester. 

How can I remove my advising hold if my professor (faculty advisor) is not on campus?

Contact your advisor via email or Navigate. Advising sessions can be conducted remotely (phone, Zoom, Collaborate, etc.) and the faculty member can then have the advising hold removed. Please visit Access to Resources for Spring 2020 to see how advising and the many other resources available to you can be contacted for the remainder of the semester. 

Can I still come to campus?

To maintain social distancing protocols recommended by the CDC and other health agencies, we encourage students not to come to campus and to communicate via email and phone whenever possible.  Many offices have been required to reduce staffing on campus, but faculty and staff are monitoring all electronic communications remotely. However, if you must come to campus, strict social distancing practices must be followed. Effective March 24, campus entrances along the L.I.E. service road will be closed until further notice.  Additionally, the main gate on Route 107 will be staffed by University Police 24 hours a day and ALL individuals arriving to campus, whether faculty, staff or students, must display through their window a valid Old Westbury identification card to be permitted onto campus. Some delays entering campus must therefore be anticipated. These steps are being taken to reduce the number of unanticipated guests on campus as we work to meet the State’s social distancing expectations.

Will the Commencement ceremony still be held?

The 54th Commencement Ceremony of SUNY Old Westbury has been postponed. An announcement about a rescheduled date will be made to all members of the Class of 2020 and the campus community when available.

Can I stay in the residence halls?

There is no student housing available on campus for summer 2020. 

Will the college be refunding money for food and housing for people who move out of the residence halls?

We are waiting for final Federal, New York State and SUNY guidance on how financial adjustments related to room, board and some fees will be applied to students' accounts. Once we have that information, students will be notified of the amount of the credit that will be applied to an account. Refunds will be processed unless a student chooses to credit funds to the fall semester. We anticipate the completion of refunds by the end of May 2020. Questions on credits and refunds should be directed to covid_financial [at]

Will tuition be refunded?

No. Since students will be able continue the academic semester via online classes supplemented with alternative modes of instruction such as video, teleconferencing, delivery of materials  by mail and email, etc., no refunds will be provided.

Will there be access to food on campus?

The Market in the Student Union Building will be available on campus but strict adherence to social distancing protocols is expected.

Is the College Bookstore open?
The Campus Bookstore will remain closed until further notice.  The store manager continues to work remotely and can be reached by email sm8123 [at]

 for an immediate response.  The bookstore will continue to accept orders via its website for delivery, though you may experience longer shipping times than ordinary. Any returns shipped to the store will be processed when the store reopens. Please watch for further updates.
Will summer classes be canceled?

No. However, all courses offered in summer 2020 will be presented through distance learning and other alternative instructional modalities. Face-to-face instruction, if it occurs at all, will be minimal and will be subject to established social distancing protocols. Please visit the Summer Session-related webpages for updates.