Enrollment Management

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General Information

Office of Enrollment Management
Campus Center, Suite I-210 
Phone: (516) 876-3000
Email: enroll@oldwestbury.edu

Comprised of:

Staff Directory


Position Building Room Phone Email
Philip D’Angelo Admissions Counselor Graduate Programs, Veteran's Liaison - Admissions Student Union 100 (516)876-3077 dangelop@oldwestbury.edu
Becky Evans Director of International Admissions, Marketing, and Student Support (PDSO/RO) Campus Center I-210 (516)876-3906 evansb@oldwestbury.edu
Andrea Klaff Admissions Counselor - Undergraduate and Graduate Student Union 100 (516)876-3014 klaffa@oldwestbury.edu
Daniel Kreiss Admissions Advisor, Undergraduate and Foreign Student Union 100 (516)876-3287 kreissd@oldwestbury.edu
Saby Kurian Office Assistant 2 Campus Center I-206 (516)876-3076 kurians@oldwestbury.edu
Rachel Littenberg Director, Transfer Services Student Union 301-B (516) 876-3290 littenbergr@oldwestbury.edu
William Lynch Admissions Advisor, Campus Tour Coordinator Student Union 100 (516)876-3001 lynchw@oldwestbury.edu
Candice Mahaffy Admissions Advisor Student Union 100 516-876-3015 mahaffyc@oldwestbury.edu
Jocelyn Morales Admissions Advisor Student Union 100 (516)628-5503 moralesj@oldwestbury.edu
Veronica Patterson Application Processing Supervisor Campus Center I-206 (516) 876-3074 pattersonv@oldwestbury.edu
Frank Pizzardi Director of Admissions Student Union 100 (516)876-3013 pizzardif@oldwestbury.edu
Rebecca Rothe Transfer Services Coordinator Student Union 301-C (516) 628-5069 rother@oldwestbury.edu
Dawn Smiley Office Assistant 2 Campus Center I-206 (516)876-3075 smileyd@oldwestbury.edu
Kiyara Smith Admissions Advisor Assistant Student Union 100 (516)876-3456 smithk@oldwestbury.edu
Sarah Taiclet Associate Director of Admissions Student Union 100 (516)876-3304 taiclets@oldwestbury.edu

Bryan Terry

Vice President of Enrollment Management & Marketing
Enrollment Management
Campus Center
I - 210