Can I request to be placed with a specific organization?

At the beginning of the semester, students will be given the opportunity to choose among the organizations/placements assigned to their class (on a first-come, first-served basis).  However, please note that student placement will be contingent upon a completed questionnaire as well as scheduling.  Overall, each student will be matched with an organization whose mission parallels the curricular content covered in the general education class.  Students in certain classes will be placed with specific organizations that make sense.

By what date do I have to be finished with my 50 hours?

Look at your syllabus or speak with your professor. 

What if a community placement asks me to volunteer overtime (in addition to the normal pre-scheduled hours)?

That’s fine; however, given the change in schedule, you may have to work out alternative means of transportation. Please speak with your CALL Coordinator.

Can I volunteer on the weekends?

Yes, in fact, some of our placements may require some volunteer work on an occasional weekend.

What do I do if I do not like my placement?

Make an appointment to see one of the CALL Directors to discuss your situation.

What if my site supervisor does something that I am uncomfortable with?

You must immediately report the incident to the Associate Director of CALL or one of the other CALL or First-Year Experience Directors.

What if I feel as though I’m not learning anything?

Please avoid making this determination until you have been at your placement for at least 8 hours.  It may take some time for you to get acclimated to the environment and it may take some time for the employer to better identify where they will need your services.  If, after working 8 hours, you still think your placement is not working out, please make an appointment with one of the CALL Directors to discuss your options.

Can a student be placed with two different organizations?

Yes, however you must complete the minimum number of hours required by each organization.

What if an organization wants me to divide my time between two different locations?

That is allowed; however, there may be transportation challenges associated with doing this.  This is something that you would have to work out with the Transportation Coordinator and your placement.

What happens during the mid-term and final study periods?  Do we have to volunteer?

Yes, you have to volunteer.  The work you perform at your placement is a required component of your class. There are no exams for The Community Learning Seminar; however, a final presentation is required.

If the organization asks me to work additional hours (in addition to the pre-established number of volunteer hours), can I receive monetary compensation?  No, your involvement with your organization is a “for credit” course-embedded placement.