CP News - Research Students

The CP Department congratulates the following students who have joined research groups and are doing research under the supervision of CP faculty!

Faculty Mentors Research Students Majors Starting Dates Projects
Ruomei Gao
Lashawny A. Nash
Biochemistry Fall 2022 Vitamin C and heavy metals in fruits
  Hania Riaz Chemistry Fall 2022 Effect of pH on 6-TG photosensitization
  Damin J. Rush Biochemistry Spring 2023 Generation of ROS upon UVA irradiation of thiopurines
  Lesly M. Leon Torres Biochemistry Fall 2022 Vitamin C in different juice drinks
Camille Jones Brandon Imhof Biochemistry/Physics Fall 2022 Potential Replacements for Poly(Pentabromobenzyl Acrylate) as a Fire Retardant in Nylon-Based Fabrics
  Viva Paintsil Biochemistry/2nd degree Fall 2022 Solvent Effects on the Crystal Morphology of L-Ascorbic Acid
  Michael Urem Chemistry Spring 2023 Thermal Analysis Method Development for the Eutectic Detection of Fatty Acids
Youngjoo Kim Thiago Figueiredo Biochemistry Spring 2022 Effect of microplastics on autism spectrum disorder using C. elegans as a model system
  Melodie Cadichon Biochemistry Fall 2022 Effect of mutations in protein tyrosine phosphatase 1B on cell signaling