For Students

The Writing Center is a place for all writers: for students who love writing and feel it is a strength, for writers who have specific areas of concern they would like to address, for ESL writers, for returning students - in short, for everyone. The Writing Center offers two primary services for students: individual consultations and workshops.

Individual consultations

The Writing Center offers one-to-one conferences with writing consultants on a drop-in or appointment basis. Sessions usually last either 25 or 50 minutes. We work with students at all levels and on any college assignment or academic task (such as applications for internships or personal statements for graduate school).

Please keep in mind that there is no "quick fix" for writing improvement. Successful writing takes time, effort, and thought. In a session, we will talk with you about your ideas and drafts and offer strategies to help you consider your options and make effective changes to your writing on your own. In each session, our goal is to help you learn one or two main things related to writing.

We can assist you with all aspects of the writing process including:

  • understanding assignments
  • generating ideas
  • developing thesis statements
  • organizing an essay
  • using sources effectively
  • forming coherent paragraphs
  • developing topic sentences and transitions
  • communicating clearly at the sentence level
  • using punctuation effectively

We cannot

  • write the paper for you
  • edit or proofread the paper for you

If sentence-level issues are a concern, we will be happy to help you identify patterns of error in your writing and begin correcting them and to help you learn strategies for effective proofreading. Like any aspect of writing, improvement at the sentence level takes time and requires continuing effort.

Please bring your assignment sheet along with your ideas, notes, and drafts and come prepared to talk about your writing.

View the Center's schedule and make an appointment


The Writing Center offers free, non-credit workshops on specific topics related to writing. Registration is required. Call the Writing Center at (516) 876-3093 or stop by room L-300 in the Library to register. These workshops offer a brief overview of specific topics and do not replace a course in ESOL or composition.

For Faculty

Faculty are urged to help spread the word about the Writing Center to students and to consider providing information about the Writing Center on syllabi and/or assignment sheets. Below is a short description of the Center that can be used or customized:

The Writing Center, located in room L-300 in the Library, offers free writing assistance to Old Westbury students. The Center is open Mondays and Tuesdays from 12-9:30pm and Wednesdays and Thursdays from 10am - 7pm. Please bring your assignment sheet and your ideas, or drafts, and come prepared to talk about your writing.

Peer tutors are available at many times during the day to do brief 5-10 minute presentations about the Writing Center for your classes. Students may feel more comfortable using the Center's services if they have seen a presentation by a peer.

Flyers are available with information about the Center to distribute to students.

Contact the Writing Center Staff to request a class presentation or flyers for students.