Research & Creative Activities

One distinct advantage of an Old Westbury education is that faculty, rather than graduate students, teach its courses. When it comes to research, that advantage becomes even more pronounced, as faculty in most departments and programs closely engage students in research projects.

Working side by side with professors, Old Westbury students experience the thrill of discovery, and, for the most motivated of students, it is not unusual to have presented work at conferences or even to have co-authored papers in academic journals by the time they complete their undergraduate studies.

While the College’s science departments in particular expect majors to engage in laboratory or field-based research, Old Westbury’s exploration of the world around it does not end there. Professors in disciplines related to the arts, humanities, social sciences and more are involved in an array of reviews of historical, socioeconomic, and cultural issues and events and more.

Use the links below to explore some of the research activities available to students on campus. Or, for more information on the research being conducted at Old Westbury, contact the Office of Academic Affairs at (516) 876-3135.