Special Education and Childhood Education (1-6), B.S.


A. General Education

See requirements as stated in the General Education section of the College website.

B. A 32 credit concentration in a liberal arts or science discipline.

Students may transfer a maximum of four of these courses from other institutions.  The disciplinary concentrations available include:

  • American Studies
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • English
  • History
  • Mathematics
  • Politics, Economics & Law
  • Spanish Language, Hispanic Literature and Culture
  • Visual Arts
  • World Cultures

C. 28 credits in Childhood Education courses:

  • ED3700 Child Development & Practicum for Teachers
  • ED3900 Foundations of Education
  • ED4120 Methods & Materials of Teaching Mathematics,Science, and Technology in the Elementary Classroom
  • ED4200 Foundations of Reading I
  • ED4220 Teaching Reading II
  • ED4740 Interdisciplinary Instructional Strategies

And one of the following three courses:

  • ED3600 Puerto Rican and Other Hispanic Children
  • ED3650 Foundations of Bilingual/Multicultural Education
  • ED3660 Issues in Multicultural Education

D. 20 credits in required Special Education courses:

  • ED4000 Foundations of Special Education
  • ED4300 The Student with Learning Disabilities
  • ED4810 The Student with Emotional and Behavioral Disabilities
  • ED4850 Curriculum & Materials for Teaching the Student with Learning Disabilities
  • ED4890 The Student with Developmental Disabilities: Overview, Theories, and Practices

E. 16 credits in required field experiences:

  • ED5930 Observation & Seminar
  • ED5960 Student Teaching & Seminar