Psychology, B.S.

The Psychology Department provides students with a background in the major areas of expertise within the modern discipline of psychology. A major in psychology leads to the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree. Completion of requirements for a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology ensures that students have been given an extensive background in research methods and have been introduced to the basic areas of specialization within psychology. To this end, the curriculum is designed around a set of required courses called The Core which includes Introduction to Psychology; a sequence of two research methodology courses; Field Experience & Research, an internship course; and a Senior Seminar in a specialized area of interest. In addition to these core courses, students choose six electives: One Group A Platform course in the areas of physiological or cognitive psychology; one Group B Platform course in the areas of clinical, developmental, or social psychology; one Group C Platform course in the areas of diversity and social justice; and three additional electives, at least one of which must be at the 4000 level. In selecting courses beyond the required core, students enrich the scope of their knowledge, and are able to prepare for employment or advancement in a way that matches their particular interests, abilities, and occupational goals. While some students begin employment with a Bachelor’s degree, in order to advance professionally, many students go on to pursue graduate degrees in psychology or social work. The program provides majors with a strong background for entering graduate studies in many related fields of human service.

Students who want to receive a Bachelor of Science degree must have their program approved by a Psychology advisor no later than the end of the first half of their junior year.

In order to receive a Bachelor of Science degree (B.S.), a student must fulfill all the requirements for the Bachelor of Arts degree. Please see the listing for that degree here

In addition, student must complete the following:

  • Math at the pre-calculus level or higher (currently MA2090)
  • Two years (i.e., 4 semesters) of science courses (Biology, Chemistry, and Physics) with laboratory, (e.g. Biology I & II with lab and Chemistry I & II with lab)