Curriculum- Philosophy and Religion, B.A.

A. General Education (51-52 Credits)

Refer to the General Education Bulletin for specific requirements. 

B. Major Requirements -Total of 40 Credits

1. Disciplinary Perspectives/Surveys (Choose Two)

  • HI1010 World Religions: West
  • HI1020 World Religions: East
  • HI2720 Introduction to Philosophy

2. Disciplinary Methods (Choose One)

  • HI2155 Introduction to Comparative Religion
  • HI2700 Introduction to Logic

3. Cultural Foundations (Choose Two)

  • HI3011 Foundations of Judeo-Christian Tradition
  • HI3080 Asian Cultures
  • HI3091 African Cultures
  • HI3835 Islamic Cultures
  • HI3840 Crescent and Cross
  • HI4905 Chinese Civilization

4. HI3752 Ethics (Required)

5. Electives (Choose THREE from one of the following clusters)

Modes of Philosophical Inquiry

  • HI3323 Buddhism
  • HI3525 Ancient Greek Philosophy
  • HI3703  Modern Philosophy
  • HI3704  African Religions and Philosophy
  • HI3710 Contemporary Philosophical Issues
  • HI3950 Philosophy of Religion
  • HI4051 Logic and Scientific Reasoning 
  • HI4318 Islamic Philosophy and Mysticism 
  • HI4395 20th & 21st Century Philosophy
  • PE4620 Political Thought
  • PE4665 Human Rights
  • PE4658  Law and Civil Liberties
  • PE4659  Law and Civil Rights
  • Modes of religious Inquiry
  • HI3130 The Black Church in America
  • HI3200 Contemporary Experience of Religion 
  • HI3323 Buddhism
  • HI3704 African Religions and Philosophy
  • HI3950 Philosophy of Religion
  • HI4305 Islam and the Quran
  • HI4306 Golden Age of Islam
  • HI4308 Islam in the Modern World
  • HI4313 Islamic Philosophy & Mysticism
  • HI4420 Women and Witchcraft
  • HI4557 Renaissance and Reformation in Europe
  • EL4312 Greek Mythology

History of Ideas

  • AS3482 History of Love and Sexuality
  • AS4215 Critical Ideas in American History
  • HI3002 Rise of Reason—The Classical Origins of Western Culture
  • HI3021 Europe in the Middle Ages
  • HI3030 From God to the Machine: Europe from the Sixteenth to the Eighteenth Centuries
  • HI4420 Women and Witchcraft
  • HI4557 Renaissance and Reformation in Europe
  • PE4580 Origins of the Capitalist Economy
  • PE4620 Political & Social Thought
  • SY4530 Sociological Theory I 

6. Senior Research Project

A capping requirement for Philosophy and Religion majors involving a substantial research project that can be fulfilled in one of the following ways:

1. The student may enroll in HI5910 at the same time as another upper-division Philosophy and Religion course and do the research project in conjunction with the course;

2. The student may enroll in HI5910 and do the research project as a “stand-alone” undertaking in consultation with an adviser.

Senior standing and permission of the course instructor (for Option 1) or project adviser (for Option 2) required.

3. The student may enroll in HI5900 and fulfill the requirements for that course, consulting with an advisor, as necessary, on a topic appropriate to the major.

C. General Electives

In consultation with Academic Advisor