Curriculum- English, B.A.

Total Credits Required: 120 (90 in the liberal arts)

A. Liberal Education

Refer to the College's Liberal Education Curriculum Bulletin for specific requirements.

B. Major requirements:  

All students in the major take a set of platform courses (levels 1 - 3) and complete the Senior Seminar sequence (level 5). Students choose one of two specializations, U.S. -British Multicultural Literature or World Literature, at level 4. Summaries of the areas and credits are as follows:

Prerequisites: EMS for all courses at 3000 level or above.

Distribution Requirements:

  1. At least 2 courses primarily in literature written before 1800 (for the U.S., 1900)
  2. At least 1 course in each of: British Literature; U.S. Literature; and World Literature. Either EL3500 or 3510 may be used to satisfy the British or U.S. Literature requirement, but not both.

Grade Requirement:

A maximum of one grade of C-, and no grade below C-, may be counted toward satisfying the Major requirements.

Note:  Not all courses are offered in any semester.  Consult course descriptions and online class schedules.

B.A. English                      44 credits

  1. Linguistic Foundations    4 credits
  2. Literary Analysis              8 credits
  3. Literary Traditions          12 credits
  4. Specializations               12 credits
    1. U.S.- British Multicultural Literature
    2. World Literature
  5. Senior Seminar                 8 credits    

Structure and Sequence of Courses:

1.  Linguistic Foundations (choose one)

  • EL3100 Structure and Grammar of English
2. Literary Analysis --  (Choose Two)
  • EL3500  Literature Across Cultures I:  Analysis & Interpretation 
  • EL3510  Literature Across Cultures II: Theory
  • EL4400  Critical Theory

3. Literary Traditions (select one From Group A, one from Group B, and one from Group A, B, or C)

A—British and U.S. Literature:
  • EL3600  U.S. Literature I: Colonial to Civil War
  • EL3610  U.S. Literature II: Civil War to Present
  • EL3800  English Literature I: Beowulf to 18th Century, inclusive of Shakespeare 
  • EL3810  English Literature II: Romantics to Present
B—World Literature:
  • EL3560 Literatures of Europe Part I
  • EL3561 Literatures of Europe Part II
  • EL3700 Survey of World Literature
C—Genres and Traditions, Multicultural and World Literature:
  • EL3950 Creative Non-Fiction
  • EL4200 Biblical-Classical Influences on Multicultural Literature
  • EL4300 20 th - Century Literature: Colonialism and Postcolonialism
  • EL4311 Greek Drama
  • EL4312 Greek Mythology
  • EL4325 Shakespeare: Selected Plays
  • EL4402 Sin and Sexuality in Literature
  • EL4500 Topics in British/US Literature
  • EL4510 Modern Drama and Theater
  • EL4540 Epic: East and West

4. Specialization: Choose Multicultural U.S.-British Literature or World Literature

Multicultural U.S.-British Literature Specialization:
A.  Electives.  Choose any two from these groups:
British/U.S. Literature
  • EL4030  Women & Narrative
  • EL4050  Lesbian & Gay Literature
  • EL4060  Literature of Class & Class Consciousness
  • EL4080  Extraordinary Bodies: Disability in Literature

U.S. Literature

  • ML3410  Latino Writers in the U.S.
  • EL3811  Survey of African American Literature
  • EL4000  Native American Literature
  • EL4010  Harlem Renaissance
  • EL4015 Multi-Ethnic Literatures of the United States
  • EL4020  Asian American Literature
  • EL4040  Black Women Writers
  • EL4070  Topics in African American Literature
  • EL4090  African American Novel
  • EL4091  African American Poetry & Plays
  • EL4405  Caribbean Literature
British Literature
  • EL4550  Modern English Literature 1890–1960
  • EL4560  Multicultural British Literature Since 1960
B.  Required for all students in the specialization:
EL4800 Major Authors
World Literature Specialization
Note:  Non-English Literature are read in translation.
A.  Surveys- Choose One:
  • EL3865  Literature of Asia
  • EL3870  Literatures of Africa
  • EL/ML3880  Masterpieces of Hispanic Literature 
B.  Electives- Choose two:
  • EL4405  Caribbean Literature
  • EL4600  Literature of India
  • EL4630  Latin American Literature
  • EL4640  French Literature
  • EL4650  Literature of Russia and Eastern Europe

5.  Senior Seminars 

  • EL5000     Senior Seminar- Research & Writing*
  • EL5010     Senior Seminar- Thesis
C.  General Electives:  In consultation with academic advisor, for  a total of 120 credits.
* Prerequisite for EL5000: EMS, Senior Standing.  Prerequisite for EL5010:  EMS, Completion of EL5000.