Curriculum- Chemistry, B.S.

A. General Education

Refer to the General Education Bulletin for specific requirements.

B. Core Requirements- Include 3 Chemistry electives- 64 credits minimum

CRN Course Credits
CP2120 Prinicples of Chemistry I 3
CP2121 Principles of Chemistry I Lab 1
CP2130 Principles of Chemistry II 3
CP2131 Prinicples of Chemistry II Lab 1
CP3300 Organic Chemistry I 3
CP3302 Organic Chemistry I Lab 2
CP3310 Organic Chemistry II 3
CP3312 Organic Chemistry II Lab 2
CP3400 Analytical Chemistry 5
CP4700 Physical Chemistry I 3
CP4710 Physical Chemistry II 3
CP4720 Physical Chemistry Lab 2
CP4800 Advanced Chemical Methods 5
CP5920 Senior Seminar I 1
CP5921 Senior Seminar II 1
CP2240 General Physics I 3
CP2241 General Physics I Lab 1
CP2250 General Physics II 3
CP2251 General Physics II Lab 1
MA2310 Calculus I 4
MA2320 Calculus II 4
MA3330 Calculus III 4
MA4360 Differential Equations  4
CP3230 Mathematical Methods in the Physical Sciences 3


Chemistry Electives-At least three of the following- 7-11 credits

CRN Course Credits
CP3230 Mathematical Methods in the Physical Sciences 3
CP4320 Advanced Organic Chemistry 3
CP4510 Biochemistry I 3
CP4515 Biochemistry II 3
CP4520 Biochemistry Lab 2
CP5500 Advanced Topics in Chemistry 3
CP5600 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry* 3
CP5900 Research 2-4
CP9990 Independent Study in Chemistry/Physics 2-4

C. General Electives

In consultation with Academic Advisor

Total Credits required: 120 

*-No more than 4 credits of research can be counted toward satisfying elective requirements and no more than 8 credits toward degree requirements.