Curriculum- Adolescence Education: Biology (7-12), M.A.T.

M.A.T in Adolescence Education: Biology (7-12) – 42 credits

CRN Course Credits
  Pedagogy Courses  
ED6000 Historical, Social, and Philosophical Foundations of Education 3
ED6001 Human Growth and Development 3
ED6002 Foundations of Literacy 3
ED6003 The Exceptional Learner 3
ED6900 Student Teaching 6
  Content Courses  
BS6500 Science and the Community 3
BS6560 Current Topics in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry 3
BS6590 Topics in Environmental Science 3
  Topics in Biology ( Offered In Rotation, Students Take 2 Courses) 6
BS6630 Developmental Biology  
BS6661  Immunology  
BS6750 Biological Pharmacology  
  Linked Content/ Pedagogy Courses  
ED6250 Teaching the Nature and Development of Science 3
ED6082 Methods and Materials of Teaching Science 3
ED6092 Literacy, Research, & Technology in Science 3
BS7500 Culminating Experience 0