New York State Smoking Policy

Effective July 24, 2003, the amended New York State Clean Indoor Air Act (Public Health Law, Article 13-E) requires every employer in the state to provide smoke-free work areas for all employees in the workplace, including prohibition on smoking in all public buildings.

SUNY Old Westbury Tobacco Use Policy

SUNY Old Westbury strongly encourages students, faculty, staff and visitors to refrain from smoking or using other tobacco products while on College property. Old Westbury is committed to maintaining a healthy and eco-friendly environment which promotes wellness and healthy lifestyle practices.

The College has taken steps to move towards a “Smoke-Free Campus.” Although difficult, attaining this goal, requires the support of the entire College community.

  1. Smoking and the use other tobacco products including electronic cigarette is prohibited inside all buildings (including Residence Halls), within 25 feet of the perimeter of all buildings, along pedestrian path ways and at outdoor events.
  2. Signs indicating “Designated Smoking Areas” have been placed throughout the Campus. See map below for a listing of the ONLY locations where smoking is permitted.
  3. Programs will be provided to support smokers and users of other tobacco products in their effort to quit. Activities will include smoking cessation sessions, distribution of literature, informational webpages and other means to encourage individuals to stop smoking or using other tobacco products.
  4. Resources and information regarding smoking cessation options are available at the Student Health Center, Campus Center I-Wing 109 or the On-Campus Smoking Cessation Facilitator, Blanca Schneider, Student Union Room 303-1.
  5. Enforcement will be through cooperation of community members (Peer Leaders, Safety Aids and Drug and Alcohol Counselor), education and polite requests of those in violation to honor the policy. All members of the Campus community are encouraged to help by reminding smokers when they violate the rules, by encouraging our colleagues who smoke to seek help to stop smoking, and by supporting them as they seek to stop.  

The Campus map identifies the ONLY locations where smoking is permitted

Map of smoking permitted areas on campus.

Designated Smoking Areas are identified by encircled numbers 1-7 on Campus map

  1. Academic Village (near the Rathskeller)
  2. Campus Center (Meadow Terrace in left corner as you exit Atrium)  
  3. Clark Center (sequestered area in parking lot) 
  4. NAB (area by loading dock) 
  5. Science Building/Campus Center (sequestered area in side parking lot)  
  6. Student Union (walkway from Student Union to AV)
  7. Woodlands (vacated bus stop on road that separates residence halls from NAB)

Questions and further information is available by contacting:

Cristine Tesoriero, RN
Director of the Student Health Center

Blanca Schneider
Smoking Cessation Facilitator