Campus Climate Survey

SUNY Old Westbury conducted the SUNY Sexual Violence Prevention (SVP) Campus Climate Survey from between April 7 - April 24, 2017. Surveys were administered by a third-party vendor via email to all enrolled students, faculty and staff. By SUNY policy, this uniform survey ascertains faculty and staff awareness of policies and resources, and student experience with and knowledge of reporting and college adjudicatory processes for sexual harassment, including sexual violence and other related crimes. Individual responses were kept strictly confidential.

The response rate for employees was approximately 12 percent (86 employee respondents). Results indicated that faculty and staff are generally aware of the policies and resources, the difference between confidentiality and privacy, the definition of affirmative consent, the difference between the college disciplinary process and the criminal justice system, the roles of the Title IX Coordinator and where to locate the office, and the availability of sexual and interpersonal violence resources. Unfortunately, the response rate for students was too low (3.3% or 142 student respondents) to be able to draw generalizable conclusions about students’ experience of campus climate relative to sexual violence prevention. That said, information gathered for the 142 students who did complete a survey indicated a general awareness of policies and resources.

More outreach, training, and follow-up will continue to take place with students and employees on an annual basis, and all survey results will be distributed to the members of the Advisory Committee for Campus Safety for review and feedback. If you have any questions about the survey, please contact Mr. William Kimmins, Assistant to the President for Administration & Title IX Coordinator, at kimminsw [at], or Ms. Claudia Marin Andrade, Dean of Students, at marinandradec [at]