STEP (Science & Technology Entry Program)

Since 1996 the Science and Technology Entry Program (STEP) at the State University College at Old Westbury has sought to promote the social, cognitive and character development of middle and high school students (grades 7-12) with the goal of leading them to pursue a college degree/career in a STEP targeted field. The program specifically recruits students who are underrepresented minorities (URM) and/or those who are economically disadvantaged to develop their aptitude and interest in STEP-targeted fields. The program currently serves 287 URM students from primarily Westbury, Freeport, Uniondale, Valley Stream and Baldwin school districts.

SUNY OW STEP Research Academy offers an Academic Year Program and a Summer Program. Pre-COVID19 our AY program met  face2face on Saturdays from September through May. Our summer program met four weeks in July. Our programming included;

  • Co-curricular courses:  to support our students academic development in the different content areas, Math, Biology, English, Chemistry and Physics.

  • Research program:  students working in teams develop and undertake original research programs under the mentorship of our SUNY OW science faculty members.

  • Data Science: students learn about the basics of data science using computational tools to analyze datasets.

  • Robotics Engineering for environmental solutions: in this course students learn how to design and build robotic systems using Raspberri Pi to help us answer questions to environmental problems. 

  • Pre-Collegiate Programs: 

    • SAT Preparation course: this course is offered by Kaplan free of charge through our STEP program to 11 th grade students. 

    • College courses: students have the option of taking college courses at SUNY OW earning college credit. Courses are offered in all areas of STEM and STEP relevant contents (STEM and all certified professional careers, e.g. accounting, law and health professions).  

    • Career Fairs:  Once a year our program organizes a Career Fair were students have the opportunity to interact with professional in  all STEP relevant fields.   

    • College Tour: once a year our STEP program in collaboration with other STEP programs in the Long Island Region organize a College Tour for student to visit colleges in the tri-state area.

Academic Year Program: 

STEP runs from 9:30am – 12:30pm on specified Saturdays.

Summer Program: 

We have planned for a fully online Summer 2020 program including:

  • Research Program: This is a 3-week full time intensive program to train future STEM researchers! Students are mentored by our SUNY Old Westbury faculty specialized in relevant topics, Microbiome (Dr. Fernando Nieto), Infectious Diseases (Dr. Tejas Bouklas), Genomics (Dr. Christos Noutsos) Developmental Biology (Dr. William Gillis), and Astronomy (Dr. Michael Kavic). Grade:Entering 10th-12th; Dates: 7/6-7/24; Mon-Fri Time: 9AM to 11AM; GPA: 75 & above overall 

  • Coding for Data Science:  Learn how to be a data scientist! Data Science is a rapidly growing field and involves multiple components of computer science. The tools for finding insightful information from large amounts of data is being studied and novel tools and algorithms are being developed as solutions to discovering patterns in the data. Grade: Entering 9-12th; Dates:7/6-7/17 Time:9AM to 11AM; GPA:75 & above overall 

  • Creative Writing: Students will learn the basic conventions and genres of creative writing. Students will write poetry, short stories, and creative non-fiction pieces while learning how these skills inform traditional aca-demic writing. Grade: Entering 9th-12th;  Dates:7/6-7/17; Time:9AM to 11AM 

  • Math Skills (High School):  This course will include a review of algebra2/ trigonometry, & geometry based concepts. Grade: Entering 9th-12th; Dates:7/20-7/31; Mon-Fri Time:9AM to 11AM 

  • Chemistry: This summer we will dive into the world according to chemistry. We will embark on a journey of discovery that explains the how and why behind matter and it's interactions.  Grade: Entering 9th-12th; Dates:7/20-7/31 Mon-Fri  Time: 9AM to 11AM 

  • Physical Science: This program is intended for students wanting to explore physical science. It provides a hands on simulated & conceptually-based exposure to the fundamental principles & processes of the physical world. Topics include basic concepts of motion, forces, energy, electricity, magnetism, & the structure of matter & the universe and more! Grade: Entering 9-12th Dates:7/20-7/31  Time:9AM to 11AM 

  •  Living Environment: This course combines laboratory demonstrations with simulated hands-on experiments that inter-connect quantitative reasoning with scientific discovery in Environmental Sciences. Grade: Entering 7th/8th; Dates:7/20-7/31 Mon-Fri Time:9AM to 11AM.

  •  Math Skills (Middle School): This course will include a review of algebra based concepts. Grade: Entering 7th/8th Dates:7/6-7/17 Mon-Fri  Time:9AM to 11AM Location: Online Platform.

For more program information or if you are interested in applying, please contact us at owstep [at] ( )


Provided to students within our partnering districts- Westbury, Freeport, & Uniondale. Students from other districts must provide own transportation.

Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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