Adolescence Education: Spanish (7-12), M.S.

Degree Type
Master of Science

Adolescence brings many challenges and adjustments for students in grades 7-12.  Central to the success of these students are teachers armed with the knowledge, skills and commitment to student development that, when combined, foster achievement.

To prepare teacher-candidates for professional certification for careers in middle and high school education, SUNY Old Westbury offers the Master of Science in Teaching in Adolescence Education: Spanish (7-12).

All of the College’s M.S. degrees in share general admissions requirements, a pedagogical core, and a content core by discipline specialization. These degrees are designed for candidates seeking both a Master’s degree and professional certification in Adolescence Education.

Pedagogical training and content specialization are equally emphasized in this degree program, which is offered jointly by the School of Education and the Modern Languages Department of the School of Arts and Sciences. 



MS in Adolescence Education: Spanish (7-12) -36 credits

Pedagogy Courses

  • ED7001 Historical, Human Growth and Development 3 credits
  • ED7003 The Exceptional Learner 3 credits
  • ED7008 Second Language Acquisition 3 credits
  • ED7086 Methods and Materials of Teaching [Spanish] 3 credits
  • ED7096 Literacy, Research, & Technology [Spanish] 3 credits
  • ED7800 Thesis 3 credits

Content Core


  • ML6510 Structure of Spanish 3 credits
  • ML6520 Masterpieces of Hispanic Literature 3 credits
  • ML6530 Cervantes and the Golden age 3 credits
  • ML6540 Points of Contact: United States and Latin America 3 credits
  • One of the following courses [offered in notation]: 3 credits
  • ML6810 Topics in Peninsular and Latin American Art
  • ML6820 Topics in Spanish and Latin American Cinema
  • ML6830 Topics in Caribbean Anti-Slavery Narrative
  • ML7500 Assessment and Culture for Classroom Instruction

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