Lisa A. Whitten

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Job title: 

Associate Professor
Curricular Pedagogy Related to Diversity and Social Justice & Clinical Psychology





New Academic Building



Office hours: 

  • Monday and Wednesday: 1:00 to 2:30 and by appointment

Courses taught: 

  • PY 2010 Introduction to Psychology
  • PY 2720 Psychology of Gender
  • PY 2730 Psychology of African Descent Families
  • PY 4350 Psychology of Violence in the United States
  • PY 4520 Family Dynamics
  • PY 4730 Psychology of Peoples of African Descent in the United States
  • PY 5520 Families & Public Policy
  • PY 9990 Independent Study in Psychology: Critical & Analytical Writing Skills



  • 1982 Ph.D. Clinical Psychology - Adelphi University Gordon Derner Institute of Psychology, Garden City, NY
  • 1977 B.A. Psychology & Anthropology - University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

Research interests: 

  • Teaching about race and culture.
  • Disability Services in Higher Education
  • Colorism
  • Bringing race and culture to the center of the Psychology curriculum.

Select publications & presentations: 


[4] Whitten, L., Fairchild, H., & Richard, H. (in press). Teaching African American Psychology. In Quina, K. & Mensa, J. (Eds.), (3rd edition). Teaching a Multicultural Psychology. Washington, DC: American Psychological Association.

[3] Anderson, L. & Whitten, L. (2010). Learning to Celebrate and Cope with Professional Success, Workplace Challenges. Diverse Issues in Higher Education, 26(25), 19.

[2] Anderson, L. & Whitten, L. (2006). The Psychology of African-American Success: The Internal Dialogue.” Black Collegian Online,.

[1] Whitten, L. (2004). Deconstructing Playing the Race Card.” Invited essay for E-xcellence in Teaching, Society for the Teaching of Psychology, e-journal, American Psychological Association.

Selected Presentations:

[8] March, 2018, Panel presentation, “Challenges to Multicultural Teaching: How to Respond with Resistance, Resilience, and Resolve.” Association for Women in Psychology, Philadelphia, PA. 

[7] July, 2017, Co-presenter, “Can African Centered Ethics Shape the Future of Black Psychology?” Houston, TX. 

[6] September 2016, Workshop presentation, “Self-nurturance: A Holistic Perspective,” Sickle Cell Disease Association of America Convention. Baltimore, MD. 

[5] August 2016, Co-presenter - “Ubuntu, On Being Fully Human and Living Ma’at: Moving From Concept to Ethical Practice,” Association of Black Psychologists national convention, Alexandria, VA. 

[4] August 2014, Co-presenter – “Implementing Collective Impact in Business Organizations: Challenges and Opportunities for Diversity & Inclusion,” Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, PA. 

[3] July 2014, Co-presenter – “Shutting the Revolving Door of Recidivism: Voiced Personal Experiences of African Descent Ex-Offenders,” Association of Black Psychologists national convention, Indianapolis, IN. 

[2] August 2013, Co-presenter – "Capitalism and Inclusion: Surfacing Contradictions at the Organizational and Individual Levels," Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Orlando, FL. 

[1] July 2013, Co-presenter – “The Nia Project: A Pipeline Program to Ensure Leadership Continuity. Association of Black Psychologists national convention, New Orleans, LA.